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4 Ways To Lead In The New Workplace

June 20, 2011

Engaged leaders equals engaged employees which equals growth and innovation.

The leadership model is changing as the workplace evolves into a more democratized environment.

The biggest opportunity for all organizations right now is to provide tools and training to their leaders on how to lead in the new workplace of multiple personality types, multiple generations and unparalleled technological change.

Engaged-Executives2Typically leaders of newer companies don’t spend too much time on culture. Their attention is focused on building external client relationships.

A lot of leaders put off the crucial focus on the culture they want to create and how they can set up the environment to support the growth of the company.

Some entrepreneurs have solid visions of their ideal cultures right from the beginning.

So what are some of the key attributes of a modern day phenomenal leader?

In INC magazine’s June 2011 issue they listed top small company workplaces and here are a few of the core values that set the leaders on track for continued growth and success:

1. Democracy- At Namaste Solar the CEO is just a guy with a vote and he likes it that way.

They truly embody that everything must go through a democratic process and that the CEO does not hold final veto. Let me point out that the CEO is a Generation X and this is a core value that is demonstrated with this particular generation.

2. Fitness- At TRX the whole culture is around fitness and leaving work to go for a two hour bike ride is mandatory as part of the culture. If you do not do this you are frowned upon. By the way TRX revenues in 2010? $32 million.

3. Teamwork- At Menlo Innovations the work environment is highly connected- around tables and input, dialogue and discussion are all part of the culture.

4. Training- At Hopkins Printing they believe in survival of the smartest. The training is aimed at continuous improvement and revisiting process improvement on a regular basis.

These are just 4 of the core values of phenomenal leaders there are major opportunities available to companies small or large to leverage their systems, processes and people so that they can enjoy the next level of growth.