Leadership Training With NextMapping™

The future of work requires a new set of skills by leaders and teams.

Companies such as Amazon are investing billions into upskilling and reskilling the workforce. The onus on staying future ready is on both employers and workers and this includes a focus on lifelong learning.

To make substantive and powerful change leaders and team members must make personal behavior change. The best way to behavior change is through repetition of learning along with real time application of what has been learned.

Our NextMapping™ leadership training is available virtually via Zoom, online courses focused on future of work as well as customized trainings that can be delivered via Webinar or white labelled for your intranets.

What would 2030 look like...

… if you upped your investment in elevated skill development for your teams?

Are you and your leaders leading with the future in mind?

In the fast paced reality of today’s workplace the main competitive advantage is being the company with most developed leaders and teams.

What is your plan to ensure that your people have the latest and most up to date training and skills development to meet the ongoing change and demands of your industry?

Research shows that Millenials and Gen Z’s will stay longer for companies that provide ongoing learning and development opportunities through training.

Research also shows that traditional jobs and roles will be a thing of the past and that future workplaces will have a combination of full time, part time and freelance outsourced workers.

The skills needed...

The skills needed to navigate this fast changing future include:

  • The ability to handle massive amounts of information and to discern the best course of action
  • The ability to lead change with courage, direction, conviction and vision
  • The ability to understand multiple contexts and to communicate to a variety of stakeholders
  • The ability to collaborate and innovate with diverse people with diverse personalities
  • The ability to leverage technology with a primary focus on ‘people first’
  • The ability to leverage essential future of work skills of ‘human interaction skills’

76% of CEO’s cite future ready skill development for leaders and teams as a major area of focus as we head to 2030.

70% of organizations cite capability gaps as one of their top five challenges.

Only 49% of employees say their companies provide skills training and growth opportunities.

A new approach to skills development

Traditional training approaches of the past are not going to prepare leaders and teams for the future.

A new approach to skills development is needed – the new approach includes curriculum that is linked to real time situations on the job. At NextMapping TM our consultants are certified in training strategies that are aligned with our NextMapping™ process.

In order to make training ‘stick’ our proprietary process ensures a 90% ++ retention rate, a 70% application rate on the job post training and a long term measurable improvement in on the job performance.

The result of completing training programs include:

  • Increased business growth as leaders and teams skill levels increase
  • Increased innovation and synergy between leaders and within teams
  • Increased creative client solutions due to higher skilled and empowered team members
  • Increased motivation and engagement by all employees
  • Increased ability to recruit and retain high performing talent
  • Increased leadership and team alignment to creating future focused vision and mission

We offer leadership and team training programs through a variety of delivery methods including in person, virtual through Zoom or WebEX, online video training and gamification.

All graduates of our programs receive a NextMapping™ certificate of completion.