The Future of Attracting & Keeping Top Talent

95% of companies surveyed cite a big focus for the future is finding and keeping top talent in the age of robotics, remote workers and increasing competition.

Trends, case studies, and creative ideas on recruiting and retaining talent

Fortune 500 CEO’s surveyed state that even with the age of robotics they are planning to continue to seek and hire talented people well into 2020 and beyond. The competition for attracting top talent is increasing, and as quickly as people are being hired and trained other industries are approaching and poaching talent. In addition the increase in freelance and entrepreneur opportunities for millennials is making the talent search even more challenging.

What can companies do? What do leaders need to do to win the war for talent?

In this keynote, you will learn how to map out a strategy and plan on how to attract top talent and how to retain them for longer than average time frames.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • The latest research for your industry on future trends regarding attracting and retaining top talent
  • Insights into current reality of finding and keeping good people the stats and the best practices
  • Innovative ideas on finding the right people that are suited for your industry
  • Creative ideas and examples from global companies winning the war for talent
  • The top ten ‘attractors’ of what top talent want when looking to work for a company
  • How to be a company that ‘attracts’ talent, including having transformational leaders and creating a culture that focuses on shared leadership
  • The number one reason people leave an employer and how to fix it
  • A greater understanding of why investing in recruiting alone is a no-win approach
  • Creative solutions that you can put into place right away to increase your wins in attracting and keeping top talent

We had Cheryl back for a second time to facilitate and keynote our annual 1.5 day retreat for our city employees, designated residents, business community and other city stakeholders, and it was a huge success. We had attendees say that it was even better this year than last year and it's attributed to Cheryl’s skillful and expert facilitation, interaction with her participants and preparation. Cheryl spoke with each of the guest speakers on the agenda in advance of the event and ensured that the agenda flowed so that there would be maximum effect on the overall retreat.

Our theme was ‘NextMapping’ the future of work including innovation, technology, leadership and culture. Her keynote address throughout the retreat included the open, the close of day one and the close of day two.

Cheryl has the unique ability to bring relevant and inspiring approach that creates both innovative solutions as well as practical ways to apply the ideas shared. In her open keynote, she set the inspiring tone on the future of work including the impact of technology and how people need to adapt to the fast pace of change. Her closing keynote on day one focused on NextMapping the future of leadership and what it means in the future of work for teams and entrepreneurs. The speakers on the agenda covered smart cities, world class businesses, innovation, creative thinking, historic digital preservation, drones and more. On day 2 Cheryl recapped the entire day and a half and incorporated key items from each speaker into her closing keynote.

Each time we have worked with Cheryl we have benefitted from increased innovation, and teamwork within our city team. We see Cheryl as an integral part of our annual innovation focus and look forward to working with her many, many times in the future.””

W.Foeman, City Clerk
City of Coral Gables
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