Future Ready Teams - How to Create Agile, Adaptable & Innovative Teams

Are your teams unified in vision, focus and purpose?

Are your teams able to collaborate, innovate and adapt to rapid change in the workplace?

Do your teams leverage technology to improve client and employee experience?

Agile, flexible and innovative teams are the Future of Work

This future of teams’ keynote provides dynamic insights into the future of teams and how team structure is morphing to meet the real-time disruptions and demands of fast changing world. Research shows that small teams with highly motivated and engaged individuals are able to innovate and execute very quickly. The impact on business with high performing teams is faster ideas to market, nimble solutions for client experience and ultimately competitive advantage.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • The latest research on team dynamics needed for future of work
  • Statistics and data on the best future of work structure of a team, the best mix of personalities, aptitudes and more
  • Strategies for team members to build a ‘me to we’ future of work attitude
  • A mindset model on how to shift towards a ‘shared leadership’ team culture
  • Ideas on how to cross collaborate, break down silos and innovate across the business
  • How to create agile, adaptable and innovative teams
  • Inspiration and plans to ‘map out’ what’s next for your teams to be future of work ready

Cheryl Cran was our opening keynote speaker at the 2018 CSU Facilities Management Conference and she was outstanding! Her message on change, courage and collaboration was exactly what our group needed to hear.

The future is not to be feared when one realizes you are the architect. She shared usable tools that all of us can take back and apply right away for increased team success. Cheryl’s use of texting with audience and polling was greatly appreciated and our group actively engaged with her using these tools. I loved how Cheryl willingly answers ALL text questions including the challenging ones. Texting questions encouraged the public expression of heartfelt concerns.

Many attendees reported through text and Twitter that Cheryl’s dynamic opening keynote set the tone for a very successful two-day conference.”

N.Freelander-Paice/Director of Capital Programs
California State University, Office of the Chancellor
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