The Future of Leadership

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What are the attributes, what are the mindsets and what are the secrets to being a change leader driving towards the future of work.

Inspiration, insights and models on how to be a future ready leader

Never before have workplaces had so much ambiguity, uncertainty and constant change. Workers are challenged with doing more with less, learning at the speed of disruption and working with diverse situations. There is a massive opportunity for leaders to create the future for themselves and their teams.

With the increase of digital transformation there is a calling for leaders to be connected, empathetic and inspiring for their teams.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • The most recent and up to date research on the future workplace and what it means for leaders today
  • Statistics and sentiment analysis on worker attitudes and what workers want today and in the future from their leaders
  • Leadership models on the ‘me to we’ mindset and mapping the future of the leadership journey
  • Tips and strategies on how to leverage leadership mastery to increase the attraction and retention of top talent
  • Inspiring ideas that can be put into immediate action to increase employee motivation and engagement
  • Practical daily actions to help leaders feel energized and to help their teams to be inspired and excited to create the future of work

Cheryl Cran future of work expert and founder of NextMapping shares inspiring, uplifting and practical ideas for leaders to be future ready now!

Cheryl Cran was our keynote speaker at our leadership conference and her keynote titled: “The Art of Change Leadership - Make it Happen Make it Matter” was a great success with our store leadership team. 

At Rubicon we are growing and experiencing lots of internally driven change and externally imposed change. Cheryl’s research and customization for our group made an impact with us. 

We appreciated the texting, polling and interaction along with the usable content, actionable ideas and follow up responses to the groups text questions. 

Cheryl delivered on our objectives and helped our store leadership team to think in new and elevated ways about change, integration of business and future success.”

R. Care/COO
Rubicon Pharmacies
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