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NextMapping PREDICT Model

Apply the NextMapping PREDICT Model to each trend to measure, set goals and strategize for your 2020 future of work readiness.

At NextMapping™ our research is based on our proprietary framework,
the PREDICT Model which is outlined in the bestseller,
NextMapping – Anticipate, Navigate and Create the Future of Work,”
consisting of 7 stages of leveraging trends to provide strategic insights
for leaders, teams and businesses.

The PREDICT Model provides a framework to help create the
NEW future of work that aligns with current strategies and actions..

What is the NextMapping PREDICT Model?



  • Look for proof within your company that each trend in this report is emerging and showing up.
  • Look for patterns that are impacting the business for example: why (are employees leaving your company?)
  • Look at all forms of data to show patterns of the trend such as employee surveys, customer surveys, customer reviews, etc.
  • Look at ‘what’s working, what are the opportunities and what’s next?’ (WOW) for the company in regard to the trends.


  • Involve the entire company in seeking to recognize patterns of each trend within the company through polling and contests.
  • Gain input from entire company to choose 3 of the top 20 trends to spend time on strategic focus for 2020.
  • Use visual dashboard to create an at glance picture of the 3 trends you have chosen and ask everyone to come up with ideas.
  • Once you’ve recognized patterns of opportunity create a project team focused solely on innovation 2020 aligned with trends.


  • The innovation project team is tasked with helping to elevate the narrative around changes needed to align with trends.
  • Have a companywide meeting both in person & virtual and ask them to bring ideas to the project team to element trends discussion.
  • Keep the momentum going with ongoing communication on the PREDICT model aligned with strategic focus for 2020.
  • The innovation project team to share a weekly status update of the progress being made with each trend identified.


  • In the direct phase, the innovation team looks at the options of ‘how’ to align with the 3 trends chosen to be focused on for 2020.
  • A facilitated mind mapping/brainstorming session is held with the innovation team to outline potential actions.
  • The mind map is shared with the entire company for their additional thoughts to ‘options’ and possible changes/actions needed.
  • At the end of this phase, the goal is to have chosen a direction of where to go with the information gathered.


  • This is the test phase of the innovation cycle of aligning strategy with trends identified.
  • With a full sense of where the company is overall with a trend, the innovation team seeks to benchmark with other companies.
  • The innovation team looks at all potential actions and changes and builds a case as to ‘what’ needs to happen and ‘why’.
  • Final part of test phase is running a pilot of ‘changes’ needed in order to align and integrate trend into strategy 2020.


  • The innovation team identifies ‘change leaders’ within each department who can rally behind the trends alignment project.
  • The change leaders focus is to influence their teams of the positives of alignment with trends and shares the ‘why’.
  • Department leaders coach their teams on how to implement and integrate change required to align with trends project.
  • Updated status of innovation/trends project are provided via innovation team/change leaders/department leaders.


  • Change has been accepted – leaders are on board and the actions towards aligning with trends are consistent.
  • Everyone is aligned with trends, direction and strategy and are accountable for individual changes required.
  • Cultural integration is happening – cross department innovation is happening and alignment to being future ready is new normal.
  • Company benefits from increased employee happiness, enhanced customer experience and increased business success.

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Did you know?

Workers Shortage To Continue to At Least 2030

25% Increase in Workers Seeking Remote Work in 2022

21% Increase in Freelance Work in Past Year

70% Of Leaders Say They Are Hiring MORE in 2022


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What’s NextMapping™?

NextMappingTM is our proprietary process to help organizations, leaders, teams and entrepreneurs elevate their ability to chart a course forward and be ready for the future.

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