How NextMapping creates the future of work

NextMapping™ focuses both on the future of work as well as immediate next steps. Our esteemed clients use it to strategize for the next week, the next year, or the next ten years.

Our NextMapping™ process provides context to help clients make incredible leaps of progress as well as sustainable change in the workplace needed to be future ready now.

NextMapping™ is a unique and proprietary future of work decision model that creates clarity along with actionable steps for immediate and long term exponential impact for clients/employees and ultimately the world.

What is the NextMapping process?


Every business has unique challenges and opportunities.
To tailor and design NextMapping for you, we first connect with you and your team – and conduct our own preliminary research – to establish an understanding of your ‘current state’.


A common challenge for leaders and teams is that they see their business through a single lens or perspective. To establish a more holistic view, we ideate and we re-introduce you and your team to your organization – from the ‘multiple perspectives’ lens of the future of work.


With a collective understanding of the organization, we now ask, “How does it map on the future landscape?” Building from both emerging and future trends supported by research data we provide context for how to be future ready now.


Equipped with a contextual framework for the future of work, we now collect your feedback. Through live polls, interviews and conversations we assimilate the data gathered from you and your team and iterate the combined feedback.


After capturing the learnings and explored ideas, we distill what it means for your organization. We connect the dots, clearly outlining a vision and your map of what the future of work could look like for your business.


We have created your future of work map – now it’s time to implement. The last stage in NextMapping is to outline the actionable steps needed within your organization to bring this vision to reality.