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(R) Evolutionary and Exciting Keynotes and Programs for 2015 – Cheryl Cran

February 3, 2015





How are you? Did you make 2014 the best year ever for yourself?

Are you feeling more evolved, more effective and more committed to your work    than ever before?

Have you carved out time for YOU and did you balance work with play?

I ask you all of these questions because you may or may not have noticed I have not been in touch with you for a few months.

I’ll be honest, I did what all marketers say you should never do, I TOOK A BREAK from social media and newsletter messages for a few months.

When I say I took a break I consciously chose to focus my time and energy on some exciting special projects and I wanted to communicate with you when I had more information.

So I am BAAAACK and Soooooo excited to share with you what I/we have been up to:

Many of you know I have been on a consciousness journey for over thirty years, searching for and researching the most powerful tools and methods to help people increase their human potential.

In fact when I was in my twenties I knew I wanted to focus on leadership and ‘change’ leadership because I was so passionate about understanding ‘why people do what they do’ and ‘how we as leaders can be our most inspiring, our most effective and how we can contribute to make our workplaces and ultimately the world a better place”.

For those of you who have read my articles and blog posts over the years you know that I am extremely practical, focused, business oriented AND I bring intuitive insightful ideas to help leaders succeed and expand to their most extraordinary potential.

So you might be asking, “Cheryl why are you telling me all of this?”

Great question! And here is the answer :

In my research and personal experience I have found that the principles and concepts of Reorganizational Living created by Dr. Donald Epstein are completely aligned with leadership development and business improvement.
His ( r ) evolutionary concepts are unlike anything that exists out there in the form of human potential models AND we are bringing them to the corporate marketplace in 2015 !!!

In addition to the work and research we have done through our company Evolutionary Business Solutions and our parent company is Synthesis at Work Inc. over the past twenty years, in partnership with Epstein Technologies we have just added the most evolutionary one of a kind, game changing programs the world has ever seen! These programs will change how businesses do business, how leaders lead, and how companies and employees grow.

We are privileged to be at the pioneering forefront of what we believe will be THE most powerful and transformative models for leading change, for creating leadership mastery and ultimately ensuring businesses and their employees evolve and grow in exponential ways.

As co-creators of these world-class programs we are now ready to introduce and deliver Epstein Technologies models to corporations, leaders and teams worldwide.

The programs being made available NOW are:

( R) Evolutionary Strategies to Grow Business – Restore VS Reorganize

This program is for leaders, business owners and teams who want to unify focus and to align personal skills within teams to increase productivity, increase motivation and energy and overall increase business results.

The evolutionary model we use is of ‘reorganization’. Many who hear this term in corporations or businesses think of ‘reorganization’ as something to resist or even avoid. In this keynote or seminar attendees learn the major power of both personal reorganization and unified reorganization.

This program goes beyond concept and is a powerful ‘accountability’ model in that it causes attendees to fully self evaluate both themselves and the business and create new levels of accountable action by all. When everyone within a team or company is aligned with accountable action there is increased innovation, increased customer delivery, increased employee engagement and increased business success.

Reorganization is the CONTEXT behind all other training or messages your leaders or teams have already heard and for those who have ‘been there and done that’ this Keynote or Seminar provides personal insights and awareness and team solutions that go deeper and beyond traditional teachings.

The New Business Currency is E-States – How to Maximize Energetics for Leadership Mastery

Many leaders and organizations focus on time management or increasing productivity AND there is a secret that when mastered, can help leaders and teams work with more ease, greater collaboration and increased performance. The secret is all about energy management as a skill and a tool for everyone to master.
This (r)evolutionary program is for leaders, HR professionals and managers looking for new resources to help improve overall performance. With today’s increased pace of business the key is to learn how to manage energetic states.

Through deeper understanding and awareness of the power of E-States leaders can dramatically shift his or her own personal performance and increase results through other people.

This Keynote or Seminar is based on Dr. Epstein’s models that have been validated by numerous Universities such as USC, USC Irvine, John F. Kennedy University and more. For over 30 years his models have transformed individuals lives and they are now being made available for business and corporate transformation.

This unprecedented program unlike anything that exists in current corporate training models as it provides the CONTEXT behind traditional leadership, communication or change management training programs. It provides the HOW to increase productivity, team synergy, inter department collaboration and more.

Masterful Leadership From the Inside and Outside – The Internal and External Lens for Success

There are many existing tools that help leaders in a variety of different departments to better understand people such as Myers Briggs, DISC, and other personality profiles.
The new tool we explore in this program is (r )evolutionary in that it is the CONTEXT behind the content of all personality typologies.

Dr. Epstein’s research has shown that people either look at the world from an ‘internal’ perspective or an ‘external’ perspective. Each offers differing aptitudes and challenges. Awareness of one’s internal or external natural orientation and how to utilize this natural focus in one’s daily work and communications energizes and enables greater productivity and fulfillment. When a team of individuals are working together with the personal ‘nature’ of their own perspectives – their ability to work together improves and there is greater synergy.

This is one model that if you or your leaders MASTERED this you would exponentially increase personal performance as well as overall business performance in a very rapid time frame.

Intrigued? Find the full Keynote and Seminar descriptions at

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