The Future of Work Online Courses

The future of work is calling for leaders who are courageous, authentic, caring and who have the upgraded human interaction skills that true change in the workplace requires.

Upgraded human interaction skills include having multiple intelligences beyond IQ, intelligences such as creative intelligence, emotional intelligence, generational intelligence and more.

The future of work online courses combine the future of work research with practical and easy to implement strategies.

Options include self-paced study OR coach support for success and implementation accountability.

I found this to be a great program for individuals at any level of an organization, not limited to those in a traditional leadership position.”

B. Wilkins, OmniTel Communications

Each Future of Work Course includes:

  • Access to the program(s) and all exclusive sundry Content for 1 full year!
  • Asynchronous videos presented by Cheryl Cran broken into 5-6 minute segments to maintain the learner’s focus, understanding and attention
  • A downloadable ‘Journey Guide’ which hi-lights major points for each Unit, used for note taking and then becomes an on-going reference guide
  • A variety of powerful tools for download and immediate use on the job
  • Online Assessments and quizzes to ensure a participant’s understanding
  • Optional coach support
Immediate access
Actionable Case Studies personalized to your own on the job scenarios Yes Yes
Access to learning tools infographics downloads course completion certificates Yes Yes
Access using any device 24/7 365 Days a year Yes Yes
Preferred pricing and front of the line registration for Live NextMapping™ Events Yes Yes
Priority review to be invited to apply for future exclusive NextMapping™ Programs Yes Yes
Access to Hot Topic Webinars Podcasts and any other online events Yes Yes
Access to our global panel of experts Interviews and their extraordinary contributions Yes Yes
Free copy of E Book "101 Ways to Make Generations X Y and Zoomers Happy at Work" Yes Yes
Unlimited access to all existing and new content for 12 months! Yes Yes
Downloadable Course Transcriptions Yes Yes
Your own Personal Expert Coach selected and assigned for your course duration Yes
3 Personalized One Hour Coaching calls throughout each course Yes
Personalized on the job application of the content; coaches will discuss your unique situation Yes
Priority registration for our new online courses on future of work Yes
Access to weblinks book recommendations expert content and more Yes
New Online Course - How To Create & Innovate at The Speed of Change

New Course!
How to Create and Innovate At The Speed of Change

The future of work success is not dependent on one or two ‘heroes’ in the business – the future is about ‘we’ and how to innovate and create at the speed of change.

In the past innovation and creativity was siloed as an activity for the marketing department or the IT department – in the future innovation is needed by everyone in the company.

83% of workers surveyed cited that they did not have time to innovate due to how their current work was structured. The solution lies in making real time creativity part of everyday work activities.

This 7 module course provides ideas, strategies and resources for individuals and teams to increase the ability to create and innovate quickly and to increase agility.

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New Course!
How To Recruit and Retain Top Talent For Now and In The Future of Work

One of the major issues facing businesses right now its finding and keeping good people.

The truth is that the old ways of posting jobs, hiring for jobs and hoping people will stick around no longer works.

The future is about ‘work’ not ‘jobs’ – in the future businesses will look at work as a whole and then ideate what or who is best to get the work done.

For example what work should be done by AI and what work should be automated and finally what work is best done by humans.

This 8 module course walks you through all the elements of being future ready now as it relates to finding and keeping good people.

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The Future is Shared – How To Create a Shared Leadership Workplace Culture

Shared leadership is a future of work strategy. Research confirms that Millenials and Gen Z thrive in a shared leadership culture.

Companies like Zappos, GE, and Amazon have been using versions of shared leadership models such as holacracy for over a decade. You will learn how to be a ‘shared leadership’ leader.

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How To Lead Change VS Manage Change To Create The Future of Work

The biggest challenge in being ready for the future of work is getting people to change in the workplace. Whether you are implementing new technology in the workplace or other big project many leaders underestimate the challenge of getting people to change. This future of work program focuses on how to be a change leader and how to create a culture of change leaders.

Based on the book, “The Art of Change Leadership” this course provides data and strategies on how to be agile, innovative and future ready.

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How To Be a Transformational Leader That Inspires and Engages Teams

We are living in a time of transformation and YOU are the transformers! The future of work will be created by transformational leaders who can foresee and adapt to real change in the workplace.

Transformational leadership includes design thinking, a coach approach, and a authentic desire to help people excel way beyond you! Transformational leaders are inspirational role models. Research confirms that transformational leaders have increased ability to recruit and retain top talent.

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How To Lead In The Future of Work – With or Without a Title

In the future of work ‘Everyone is a Leader’. There will be less of a focus on ‘title’ and more of a focus on across the board accountability and fundamental leadership skills for all. Everyone will need to develop skills that include critical thinking, decision making, human interaction and more.

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