Course 5: Evolutionary leadership

Ultimate – by application only

The fifth level for the entire evolutionary series is the Evolutionary Leadership program. This program is unique and is only offered by the Evolutionary Leaders Network.

Evolutionary leadership:

Cheryl Cran personally coaches participants through this course along with select coaches certified in evolutionary programs such as Epstein Technologies and more.

In the Evolutionary Leadership program leaders will learn that the actual ‘secret’ behind all leadership activity is energy and the mastery of a concept referred to as ‘energetic intelligence.’

Research has shown that Millenials/Gen ‘X’ and the upcoming Generation ‘Z’ are looking for ‘an energetic fit’ as the key element of whether they will work for a leader or a company long term.

The future of work requires teams of people who can ‘connect quickly and easily’ and drive results with synergy and effortless progress. This can only happen when there is learning and development that is focused purely on the energetics as it relates to all activities of leadership. Leaders who can master energetic intelligence hold the ‘keys’ to extraordinary business transformation, progress and success.

Cheryl Cran is the project director and co-creator of the corporate applications of Epstein Technologies Corporate & Business and has delivered these concepts and content to senior leaders globally with companies such as Unilever, Sony, Abbvie, Sipco, IBM and more.

This program is guaranteed to be like no other that you have experienced and is only for those that are 100% committed to the journey and the work required to get beyond where other leaders have been. As such only a select number of applicants will be chosen each year for this program. For more information about the application process and pricing for this exclusive program please contact us