How To Be a Transformational Leader That Inspires and Engages Teams

The Journey Continues

This is the third course on the journey to becoming an Evolutionary Leader. This program focuses on the key differentiators between a ‘Transactional Leader’ and a ‘Transformational Leader’.

The key differences that we teach include:

  • Developing a ‘coach to succeed’ mindset
  • Using ‘future focused language’ to establish a culture of ‘Transformers’

Cheryl Cran guides and teaches you the skills and benefits of the ‘Transformational leadership’ approach including:

  • Definitions, meanings and must know concepts
  • Real world examples from organizations of every size
  • The steps necessary to become a Transformational Leader that influences and drives transformation in the organization

Benefits of a leader with transformational skills include:

  • She/he are consistently focused on helping others to grow, learn and succeed
  • She/he spends the majority of his or her time on ‘the people’ within the team and organization as the key focus to achieve extraordinary success for them and the organization.

We provide examples of transformational leaders in organizations today and useful models that demonstrate the key evolutionary value of leaders being ‘transformational’ rather than ‘transactional’.

This is truly a unique course that you can only get through our Evolutionary Leadership Training.