New Course! How to Create and Innovate At The Speed of Change

New Online Course - How To Create & Innovate at The Speed of Change

The future of work success is not dependent on one or two ‘heroes’ in the business – the future is about ‘we’ and how to innovate and create at the speed of change.

In the past innovation and creativity was siloed as an activity for the marketing department or the IT department – in the future innovation is needed by everyone in the company.

83% of workers surveyed cited that they did not have time to innovate due to how their current work was structured. The solution lies in making real time creativity part of everyday work activities.

This 7 module course provides ideas, strategies and resources for individuals and teams to increase the ability to create and innovate quickly and to increase agility.

You will learn:

  • The history of innovation – how innovation has impacted current reality
  • Why we must be innovating and creating collectively and collaboratively in order to create a more positive and successful future
  • The workplace challenges to innovation – why its hard and how to make it easier and more accessible
  • The individual challenges to innovation – why change is hard and how to inspire people to be consistently thinking with a creative mindset
  • New skills needed by workers in order to increase the ability to create and innovate
  • How to create a culture of innovation that nurtures, supports and helps workers thrive while creating new solutions
  • The top ten strategies of highly innovative cultures and how we can learn and apply what they do
  • Resources, quizzes and support materials to help you increase creativity and innovation in the workplace