How To Lead In The Future of Work – With or Without a Title

Foundational Future of Work Leadership Training Program

This is the starting point for the extraordinary programs on the Evolutionary Leadership Training journey. Whether you are an emerging leader or have years of experience, the journey starts with ‘How To Lead In The Future of Work – With or Without a Title.’

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. The journey requires continuously building and re-honing skills that do more than show you how to guide, inspire and work with others. In this program, which is the start of the journey, the concepts of ‘Everyone is a Leader’ are explained and discussed in great detail, including time spent on the mindset required to lead from this position.

Global research is provided throughout this program confirming that:

  • Successful organizations must have a culture where it can be truly said that ‘Everyone is a Leader’ – employees stepping up without being asked
  • There will be less of a focus on ‘title’ and more of a focus on overall accountability and taking ownership and responsibility within the workplace

‘The Future of Work is Now’ is not a concept, it is a reality and it’s time to be prepared!

This program is comprised of 11 Units each covering the new realities of leadership and how to implement them immediately.

Program benefits:

  • A self-assessment to determine where you are now regarding foundational leadership skills. This personal assessment is a key component and is used as the launching pad for completing the rest of the course.
  • Key elements of leadership are discussed throughout with an ‘eye’ to the future of work teaching up to-date components for topics including; critical decision making skills, creative problem solving, influencing others, project skills and much, much more.
  • This course also provides the most up to date strategies on conflict management, collaboration and coaching skills for greater individual, team and organizational performance.
  • ‘Everyone is a Leader’ includes proven tactics for strategic planning.
  • Action Items are to be completed and there are quizzes at the end of each Unit of the course to ensure understanding and improve ‘stickiness’.
  • With the personal coaching option there are virtual meetings via Skype or similar where the coach will ensure the participant’s understanding, help guide them through any real life on the job scenarios etc.
  • The program concludes with participants completing their personal 90-Day Plan for integrating the learning into their existing role.

The Future of Work is Now, and for organizations to grow and be successful the concept of ‘Everyone is a Leader’ must be embedded in the culture.

We will walk you through the steps on how to make that happen!