How To Be a Transformational Leader That Inspires and Engages Teams

Transformational Leadership is focused on elements of cultural transformation. There are the traditional 4 ‘I’s of Transformational Leadership which we will spend time on throughout this program.

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Course description

This course covers the traditional 4 ‘I’s of Transformational Leadership with some examples of what it means to embody the 4 ‘I’s of Transformational Leadership approach. 

Learn about the definitions of transactional versus transformational leadership and strategic mindset from a transformational leadership perspective.

What you will learn

How to build external networks to help you achieve your transformational goals Yes
How to debrief with your teams and self. How to take the next step level of risk taking that motivates and inspires self and others Yes
How to use digital strategy to leverage yourself as a Transformational Leader Yes
How to focus on strengths based leadership as part of the listening component and the motivation component Yes

What you’ll need

Computer/Laptop and internet connection

Course curriculum

Unit 1: Course Overview Yes
Unit 2: Transactional vs Transformational Leadership Yes
Unit 3: Transactional Leadership Defined Yes
Unit 4: Transformational Leadership Defined Yes
Unit 5: Think of a Leader Who Is Transformational Yes
Unit 6: The Four “I's" Yes
Unit 7: The 1st "I" and a Transformation Strategic Mindset Yes
Unit 8: The Advantages of a Transformational Strategic Mindset Yes
Unit 9: Transformational Strategic Mindset Application Yes
Unit 10: Debriefing as a Transformational Leadership Tool Yes
Unit 11: Leveraging External Networks as Part of Strategic Mindset Yes
Unit 12: Risk Taking as an Idealized Influence Yes
Unit 13: Why Risk Taking is a Necessary Strategy Yes
Unit 14: Digital Strategy Yes
Unit 15: The Link Between Transformational Leadership & Digital Strategy Yes
Unit 16: The 2nd “I” Intellectual Stimulation & Innovative Design Thinking Yes
Unit 17: A Transformational Leader with Innovative Thinking Yes
Unit 18: The Mindset of Innovative Design Thinking Yes
Unit 19: The 3rd “I” Inspiration Motivation – Ethical and Moral Conduct Yes
Unit 20: The Components of Inspiration Motivation Yes

Who you’ll learn from

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™ and an award-winning internationally renowned consultant and speaker. She has been named #1 Future of Work Influencer by Onalytica and in top ten of future of work influencers by GoCatalant.

$150 USD
50% off $297.00 USD
Book now to save 50%

100% money back guarantee

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