How To Create and Innovate At The Speed of Change

The future of work success will not rely on one or two ‘heroes’ in a business. Learn why the future is all about ‘we’ and how to create a culture of innovation that’s ready for change.

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Course includes:

  • 6 hours of on-demand videos
  • Links and resources to additional learning materials

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Course description

This seven-unit course provides ideas, strategies and resources for individuals and teams to accelerate creativity and innovation, and to increase agility in the face of change.

What you will learn

How a history of innovation has impacted the present Yes
How to innovate together to create a more positive and successful future Yes
Workplace challenges to innovation and how to remove the obstacles Yes
Why change is hard and how to inspire people to think with a creative mindset Yes
New skills needed by workers in order to increase the ability to create and innovate Yes
How to create a culture of innovation that enables workers to thrive Yes
Top strategies of highly innovative cultures Yes
Resources to boost creativity and innovation in the workplace Yes

What you’ll need

Computer/Laptop and internet connection

Course curriculum

Unit 1 - The History of Innovation in Business Yes

How To Create and Innovate At The Speed of Change - Introduction

Part 1: Where Innovation Started

Part 2: The Industrial Revolution

Part 3: From Inventions to Innovations

Part 4: Big Inventions That Changed Everything

Part 5: Steve Jobs on Innovation

Part 6: Why Great Ideas Fail to Gain Uptake

Part 7: Examples in History of Innovation

Part 8: Innovation in the 1900's

Part 9: More Innovations in the 1900's

Part 10: Major Innovations in the 2000's

Part 11: The Evolution of Certain Innovations

Part 12: Unit 1 Overview

Unit 2 - The "Why" We Need to Innovate - Innovation Imperative Yes

Part 1: Why It's Imperative to Innovate

Part 2: 97% of CEO's Say Innovation is a Priority

Part 3: Average Lifespan of a Company is Decreasing

Part 4: The Speed of Disruption

Part 5: Rate Yourself on Innovation

Part 6: Innovation and Unarticulated

Part 7: Answering The "Add Value" Question

Part 8: What Is YOUR Definition of Innovation?

Part 9: Is Your Company Good With Innovation?

Part 10: Unit 2 Overview

Unit 3 - The Workplace Challenges to Innovation Yes

Part 1: Create a Culture of Innovation

Part 2: Statistics on Innovation

Part 3: Obstacles to Innovation

Part 4: Silos and Their Impact on Innovation

Part 5: More Obstacles to Innovation

Part 6: Innovation and Culture

Part 7: Overcome the Challenges to Innovation

Part 8: Real Time Creativity

Part 9: Tactical Actions

Part 10: Unit 3 Overview

Unit 4 - Individual Challenges to Innovating at Work Yes

Part 1: Workers Reasons For Not Being Able to Innovate

Part 2: Making Time To Innovate

Part 3: The 4 Factors That Hinder Innovation

Part 4: The Challenge of Being Too Busy to Innovate

Part 5: Creating Neural Pathways for Innovation

Part 6: Corporate Policy and Systems A Barrier to Innovation

Part 7: Other Roadblocks to Innovation

Part 8: Tactical Actions

Part 9: Unit 4 Overview

Unit 5 - The New Skills Needed By Workers To Innovate Yes

Part 1: An Innovation Mindset

Part 2: To Create and Innovate Needs a Willingness to Change and Be Uncomfortable

Part 3: The Power of "Flow"

Part 4: The Components of an Innovation Mindset

Part 5: Open to Change and Innovation Mindset

Part 6: Creating Neural Pathways

Part 7: How To Create Those Neural Pathways

Part 8: Cortical Collisions

Part 9: Using Multiple Perspectives

Part 10: How to Create and Innovate With Real Time Creativity

Part 11: Real Time Exercise Speed Round

Part 12: Focus on What You Have in Common

Part 13: Disagreements Can Lead to Innovation

Part 14: Other Key Elements of Innovation Skills

Part 15: Motivating Everyone To Be an Innovator

Part 16: Tactical Actions

Part 17: Unit 5 Overview

Unit 6 - How To Create a Culture of Creativity & Innovation Yes

Part 1: Customer and Employee Innovation

Part 2: Innovative Brands

Part 3: A Culture of Innovation

Part 4: Collaborative Teams

Part 5: Collaborative Teams and Shared Leadership

Part 6: Why Workers Say 'No' to Innovation

Part 7: How to Increase Team Collaboration

Part 8: Diversity Increases Innovation

Part 9: Diversity Quote

Part 10: Definition of Diversity

Part 11: Generational Viewpoints on Innovation

Part 12: Unconscious Bias and Innovation

Part 13: Definitions of Success

Part 14: A Culture of Hungry People for Innovation

Part 15: How To Create and Innovate With Divergent Thinking

Part 16: How To Create and Innovate With Mind Mapping

Part 17: Lead Change to an Innovation Culture

Part 18: Unit 6 Overview

Unit 7 - Top Ten Strategies of Highly Innovative Cultures Yes

Part 1: Top Ten Strategies

Part 2: More Strategies

Part 3: More Strategies

Part 4: How To Create and Innovate Program Congratulations

Who you’ll learn from

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™ and an award-winning internationally renowned consultant and speaker. She has been named #1 Future of Work Influencer by Onalytica and in top ten of future of work influencers by GoCatalant.

$150.00 USD
50% off $300.00 USD

Course includes:

  • 6 hours of on-demand videos
  • Links and resources to additional learning materials

Book now to save 50%

100% money back guarantee

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