How To Lead Change VS Manage Change To Create The Future of Work

Change leadership skills are essential for the remote work and rapidly changing workplace. There is a difference between leading change and managing change - this course provides insights and strategies on how to be a future ready and inspiring change leader.

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Course description

The next steps.

Welcome to the NextMapping course titled: ‘How To Lead Change VS Manage Change To Create The Future of Work’ This course is based on my book “The Art of Change Leadership-Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World’ (Wiley 2015). The book is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. It is a must read for you as you go through this program as it will help anchor the information I teach throughout these programs.

The overview of this course is ‘What does the future of work need in regards to ‘Change Leadership?’ I am going to take you on a journey of understanding why organizations need ‘Change Leaders’, understanding what a Change Leader is and why they are so necessary right now! I will also explain the very key information about how a ‘Change Leader’ is different than a ‘Change Manager.’

You are also going to do an exercise to assess yourself on a Change Leader range, learn how adaptable you are, how flexible you are, how willing you are to lead the change that you know is necessary in the workplace; awesome stuff! There’s a distinct mindset that comes along with being a Change Leader, and yes we are also going to look at the mindset of a Change Leader and what makes them different from a ‘normal’ leader or a Change Manager. Very, very important aspects to know and learn!

As your journey continues we are also going to look at the values of a Change Leader because values drive how we lead.  As you know the reality is “The Future of Work is Now” so we are also going to look at the skills that are needed for a ‘future of work’ Change Leader and how they are the different from the skills we use today.

We are also going to explore the Change Cycle from a model that I created. It shows the stages that everyone goes through when going through change and why you need to know them, be able to explain them to your teams and know how to move through them. We then move along the journey and talk about how you can leverage that Change Cycle for greater awareness, and be able to apply what you have learned in the workplace immediately and effectively.

The obvious question then becomes “how do we get others to be Change Leaders?” We are on the train, we know where we are going, we want to lead change, however, there are people around us that perhaps are not thinking or acting the same way. How do we engage, motivate and inspire them to be change leaders? We will teach you that in this program. Once we share this with you, you can apply it to be very powerful and very dynamic for the individuals and the organization.

Further along the journey, we will be looking at how we communicate, or in other words what is the language of a Change Leader? It is different than everyday ‘normal’ leadership that we are used to! Once you learn it, you can teach others and it really shifts the energy positively within the organization.

The journey includes a personal system upgrade. That’s right, we will upgrade your leadership Operating System ‘OS’, overall to be the Change Leader that the future of work needs now.

Our journey would not be complete without looking at multiple intelligences. We have all likely heard of Emotional Intelligence (EI) which we will discuss, however, we are also are going to look at Intelligences you may never have heard of, specifically Energetic Intelligence and Creative Intelligence. It is all related to being a really focused Change Leader that is creating a dynamic workplace of the future…today!

Finally, we will look at the 3-Step Change Process. An actual model that you can put into use on your job, with your team and in your organization. Really use it to leverage change to make the impact that you want to make in your organization as a Change Leader.

Like all of our courses we will end with an assessment and you will receive your certificate of successful completion.

Ready to get started? Great! Let’s start by downloading your Change Leadership Journey Guide.

Enjoy the course!

Cheryl Cran

Course curriculum

Change Leadership Course Overview Yes

Course Overview

Unit 1: Change Leadership Yes

Part 1: Why Do Organizations Need Change Leaders?

Part 2: This Fast Changing World Needs Leaders Like You!

Part 3: Action Items

Unit 2: Change Leader Defined: It's Different Than a Change Manager Yes

Part 1: Change Manager & Change Leader: The Differences

Part 2: Change Manager Described

Part 3: Change Manager Approach

Part 4: Change Leader Described

Part 5: Change Leader Approach

Part 6: Change Leader/Change Manager Integration

Part 7: Action Items

Unit 3: Where are you on the Change Leader scale? Yes

Part 1: Assessment

Part 2: Assess Your Results; Questions to Ask Yourself

Part 3: Action Items

Unit 4: The Mindset of a Change Leader Yes

Part 1: The Change Leader Mindset Described

Part 2: Questions a Change Leader Would Ask Themselves

Unit 5: The Values of a Change Leader Yes

Part 1: Change Leader Values Explained

Part 2: Questions About Change Leader Values To Ask Yourself

Part 3: Action Items

Unit 6: The Skills for a Future of Work Change Leader Yes

Part 1: Multiple Skills for a Change Leader to Develop

Part 2: Action Items

Unit 7: The Change Cycle; How to Leverage it for Sustainable Change Yes

Part 1: The Six Stages of the Change Cycle

Part 2: Leveraging the Change Cycle for Yourself

Part 3: Leveraging the Change Cycle for Others

Part 4: Action Items

Unit 8: How to Get Others to Become Change Leaders Yes

Part 1: The 5 Steps to Get Others Engaged

Part 2: Action Items

Unit 9: The Communication Style of a Change Leader Yes

Part 1: The Language of a Change Leader

Part 2: The Language of a Change Leader Scenarios

Part 3: Action Items

Unit 10: Upgrade Your Leadership Operating System Yes

Part 1: The 7 Different Ways to Upgrade Your Leadership OS

Part 2: Action Items

Unit 11: Emotional Intelligence as a Change Leader Tool Yes

Part 1: Emotional Intelligence as a Change Leader Strategy

Part 2: Emotional Intelligence Elements

Part 3: Generational Intelligence

Part 4: Creative Intelligence

Part 5: Energetic Intelligence

Part 6: Ability to Hold Multiple Perspectives

Part 7: Action Items

Unit 12: Emotional Intelligence Low/High Yes

Part 1: EI Low and High Examples

Part 2: Action Items

Unit 13: The 3-Step Change Process and How to Implement It Yes

Part 1: The 3-Step Change Process Explained

Part 2: Change Process Case Study

Part 3: Action Items

Unit 14: 90-Day Plan and Final Assessment Yes

Part 1: 90-Day Plan

Final Course Quiz

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$150.00 USD
50% off $297.00 USD
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