How To Recruit and Retain Top Talent For Now and In The Future of Work

One of the major issues facing businesses right now its finding and keeping good people. The truth is that the old ways of posting jobs, hiring for jobs and hoping people will stick around no longer works.

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Course description

The future is about ‘work’ not ‘jobs’ – in the future businesses will look at work as a whole and then ideate what or who is best to get the work done.

For example what work should be done by AI and what work should be automated and finally what work is best done by humans.

This 8 module course walks you through all the elements of being future ready now as it relates to finding and keeping good people.

What you will learn

The fast changing future of work and how to be ready for it Yes
The impact of digital transformation on the workplace and how technology is changing the nature of work Yes
The top challenges to attracting top talent Yes
The worker trends affecting the reality of finding and keeping good people Yes
Over 20 recruiting ideas on how to attract the best people for the ‘work’How to look at retaining people in a whole new way and what to do differently Yes
The top skills needed by leaders to retain top talent Yes
How to keep your top people around longer than the average time on job Yes
Resources, quizzes and support materials to help you increase your success in recruiting and retaining top talent Yes

What you’ll need

Computer/Laptop and internet connection

Course curriculum

Unit 1: The Fast Changing Future Yes

Part 1: Course Overview

Part 2: Why The Future is Changing So Fast

Part 3: Fortune 500 Statistics on Business Longevity

Part 4: The Future and New Businesses That Have Been Created

Part 5: Statistics on Robotics, Automation and Impact On The Future of Work

Part 6: 2 Ways To Look At The Future

Part 7: Looking at Automation and Robotics Through an Abundant Mindset

Part 8: Unit 1 Recap and Overview

Unit 2: The Effect of Technology on Jobs and The Nature of Work Yes

Part 1: The Positive Impact of Robots and Automation

Part 2: Automation, AI & Robots Increase Productivity

Part 3: New Skills and Terms Needed

Part 4: Tech Is a Force For Good

Part 5: Talent Shortage Here Until 2030

Part 6: STEM Shortage More Job Opps

Part 7: Labor Statistics Shifting Work

Part 8: Unit 2 Recap and Overview

Unit 3: The Challenges to Attracting Talent Yes

Part 1: Competition for Talent

Part 2: Competing For Talent with NASA and More

Part 3: Challenges to Attracting People

Part 4: More Challenges to Attracting People

Part 5: How Are You Attracting People?

Part 6: AI And Recruiting

Part 7: The New Skills Needed by Workers We Recruit

Part 8: Embracing The Freelance Future

Part 9: Unit 3 Recap & Overview

Unit 4: Worker Trends Affecting The Future of Recruiting Yes

Part 1: Trends in Future of Recruiting

Part 2: More Trends Impacting Recruiting

Part 3: Millennials and Gen Z Find Work Through Social Media

Part 4: Workers Want Latest Tech

Part 5: Its a Worker Market - New Recruits Have More Choice

Part 6: Glassdoor Rates YOUR Company

Part 7: Recap and Overview

Unit 5 Recruiting Ideas For The Future of Work Yes

Part 1: Assess Your Current Status

Part 2: Recruiting Ideas

Part 3: More More Recruiting Ideas

Part 4: ...and MORE Recruiting Ideas

Part 5: Even MORE Recruiting Ideas

Part 6: Creative Exercise Mind Map

Part 7: Recruiting Success Stories

Part 8: Recruiting Tools to Explore

Part 9: Recap and Overview

Unit 6 The Future of Retaining Your Talent Yes

Part 1: Retention VS Engagement

Part 2: Engaged Workers Want Best Culture

Part 3: Attracting Needs Engagement

Part 4: Place High Value on Culture

Part 5: Seeing Potential in Employees Beyond Their Current Roles

Part 6: Leaders ARE the Culture of the Workplace

Part 7 A: Leaders Need EQ As Much As IQ AND Multiple Intelligences

Part 7 B: Workers WANT Leaders With Multiple Intelligences

Part 8: Creative Intelligence Test

Part 9: Finding Things In Common With "People"

Part 10: Recap & Overview

Unit 7 The New Skills Leaders Need In Order to Retain Talent Yes

Part 1: New Skills Needed By Leaders

Part 2: The Value of Lifelong Learning as a Leader

Part 3: Research and Feedback Builds Engagement

Part 4: How Leaders Engaged Workers Has Evolved From Past to Future

Part 5: Bridging The Best of The Past to Create The Future

Part 6: Unit 7 Overview

Unit 8 How To Keep Great Workers Around Longer Yes

Part 1: Keeping Great People

Part 2: Keeping Great People - Culture

Part 3: More Ideas on Retaining Top Talent

Part 4: Further Ideas for Keeping Great People

Part 5 - Top Ten Keys to Attracting and Retaining Talented People

Part 6: Top Ten Keys to Attracting and Retaining, 6-10

Part 7: We Create The Future of Work

Part 8: Overview of Attracting and Retaining

Part 9: Recap and Overview

Who you’ll learn from

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™ and an award-winning internationally renowned consultant and speaker. She has been named #1 Future of Work Influencer by Onalytica and in top ten of future of work influencers by GoCatalant.

$150.00 USD
50% off $297.00 USD
Book now to save 50%

100% money back guarantee

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