The Future is Shared – How To Create a Shared Leadership Workplace Culture

Shared Leadership is a culture. There are shared goals, shared accountability and shared recognition. It’s a culture of agility, innovation and collaboration. Consider it as an elevated version of teamwork.

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Course description

The Future of Work is demanding a new leadership model and it’s called Shared Leadership.

Shared Leadership is more than teamwork because everyone in the organization has to have the behaviors, the skills and the actions of a leader.

What you will learn

How to be a Shared Leader Yes
How to create a Shared Leader mindset Yes
The aptitudes of a Shared “Leadership” Leader Yes
How to move your organization more towards a Shared Leadership approach Yes

What you’ll need

Computer/Laptop and internet connection

Course curriculum

Unit 1: Shared Leadership Explained Yes

Part 1: Shared Leadership Defined

Part 2: Shared Leadership Team Description

Part 3: Hierarchical Leadership vs. Shared Leadership

Part 4: Shared Leadership to the Rescue!

Part 5: Shared Leadership Community of Leaders

Unit 1 Action Items

Unit 2: Shared Leadership Assessment Yes

Part 1: Where are you on the Shared Leadership Scale?

Unit 2 Action Items

Unit 3: Transitioning to Shared Leadership Yes

Part 1: A Framework for Shared Leadership

Part 2: A Leadership Mindset for All

Part 3: Enabling Shared Leadership Model

Part 4: The Shared Leadership Spectrum

Part 5: Example of Leading Without a Title

Unit 3 Action Items

Unit 4: The Shared Leadership Leader Yes

Part 1: The Mindset of a Shared Leadership Leader

Part 2: Collaborating with the Generations

Part 3: Elevated Thoughts of a Shared Leadership Leader

Part 4: Elevated Questions a Shared Leadership Leader Would Ask

Part 5: Tips for Maintaining a Shared a Leadership Mindset

Unit 4 Action Items

Unit 5: The Shared Leadership Model Yes

Part 1: The Range of Share

Part 2: 4 Levels of Leadership Awareness Model

Part 3: The Values Within Each Level of Leadership Awareness

Unit 5 Action Items

Unit 6: Holocracy & Shared Leadership Yes

Part 1: From Hierarchy to Holocracy

Part 2: Holocracy at Zappos

Part 3: The Holocracy Model

Part 4: Business as Usual vs Holocracy

Part 5: The Flow of Work with Shared Leadership

Part 6: Holocracy at Zappos Core Values

Unit 6 Action Items

Unit 7: Shared Leadership Organization Structure Yes

Part 1: A Shared Leadership Organization Chart Example

Part 2: A Shared Leadership Structure Example

Part 3: Traditional Organization Chart vs A Shared Leadership Chart

Part 4: The Differentiation with Holocracy

Part 5: Dynamic Roles Explained

Unit 7 Action Items

Unit 8: Shared Leadership: Your Next Steps Yes

Part 1: Creating Your Personal Shared Leadership Plan

Part 2: Developing and Sharing a Shared Leadership Approach

Part 3: The 4 Prerequisites for Shared Leadership

Part 4: Action Items Video

Part 5: Common Holocracy & Shared Leadership Questions

Unit 8 Action Items

Unit 9: Your Shared Leadership Action Plan Yes

Your 90 Day Action Plan

Unit 9 Action Items

Who you’ll learn from

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™ and an award-winning internationally renowned consultant and speaker. She has been named #1 Future of Work Influencer by Onalytica and in top ten of future of work influencers by GoCatalant.

$150 USD
50% off $297.00 USD
Book now to save 50%

100% money back guarantee

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