The Future is Shared – How To Create a Shared Leadership Workplace Culture

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This is the fourth course in the Evolutionary Leadership journey and is about the range between traditional work environments and autocratic leadership compared to the holacracy model.

Shared leadership:

How to move and shift more towards a democratic and equalized model that allows for decisions to be made inclusively rather than always be dependent and often get bottle necked at the manager level.

The Shared Leadership approach we teach in this course is an evolutionary plan and roadmap that involves:

  • Changing the prevalent organizational leadership mindset from one where individual leaders have all of the answers and responsibility, and moving towards our concept and culture where ‘Everyone is a Leader’
  • Employees are provided with leadership skill development and complete accountability for their actions.

The Shared Leadership concept is a true ‘The Future of Work is Now’ action plan and model that leaders in all organizations must know, understand and prepare themselves and their organizations for.

Organizations who invest in our leadership programs will benefit in many ways:

  • Having employees of all generations who are motivated, inspired, who step-up, work as a team, and are truly vested in the success of themselves and their organization
  • Future of work ready with the tools to take on any challenge
  • Leaders and others who think proactively, develop solutions and know the roadmap for the organization’s future
  • Outperforming their competition
  • Be dominant in their industry and
  • Attract and retain the top talent necessary for continued extraordinary success