New Course! How To Recruit and Retain Top Talent For Now and In The Future of Work


One of the major issues facing businesses right now its finding and keeping good people.

The truth is that the old ways of posting jobs, hiring for jobs and hoping people will stick around no longer works.

The future is about ‘work’ not ‘jobs’ – in the future businesses will look at work as a whole and then ideate what or who is best to get the work done.

For example what work should be done by AI and what work should be automated and finally what work is best done by humans.

This 8 module course walks you through all the elements of being future ready now as it relates to finding and keeping good people.

You will learn:

  • The fast changing future of work and how to be ready for it
  • The impact of digital transformation on the workplace and how technology is changing the nature of work
  • The top challenges to attracting top talent
  • The worker trends affecting the reality of finding and keeping good people
  • Over 20 recruiting ideas on how to attract the best people for the ‘work’
  • How to look at retaining people in a whole new way and what to do differently
  • The top skills needed by leaders to retain top talent
  • How to keep your top people around longer than the average time on job
  • Resources, quizzes and support materials to help you increase your success in recruiting and retaining top talent