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The Upgraded Leadership Operating System

October 29, 2014

superbrainIn a previous post I talked about the recruiting and retention of good people challenges that keep many a CEO up at night.

And there is another challenge that organizations and leaders have right now and that is upgrading the skills and the abilities of the leadership.

Traditional training modules on leadership skills, communication skills, change management skills, emotional intelligence are useful tools to elevate leadership ability. However the bigger learning and training opportunity is to arm leaders and their teams with new models and systems that will help them to upgrade their leadership operating system.

What does it mean to ‘upgrade the leadership operating system’?

It means using the brain, the emotions and energy in an integrated approach that includes the traditional models mentioned above and transcends to new levels of awareness, new resources and new models.

I have been researching and working with the latest technologies in leadership, change and the future of work for over eighteen years.

In alignment with the research our company Evolutionary Business Solutions has acquired the rights to provide evolutionary new models that helps leaders to upgrade their operating systems. The biggest challenge for business leaders and their teams is keeping up with the pace of change while also innovating and being one step ahead of the competition and trends.

The models we are going to be sharing with our clients in January 2015 are based on over 20 years of scientific research into human performance and health and wellness. The creator Dr Donald Epstein is the founder of Epstein Technologies – technologies that are taking people and performance beyond ordinary to extraordinary.

Most training and information in businesses today is focused on using mental faculty and with the addition of emotional intelligence training includes emotional awareness- many leaders have evolved to the awareness that to be successful there must be skill in the ‘thinking’ of being a leader as well as the ’emotional’ awareness of self and others. AND there’s more……

The models included in the Epstein Technologies adds the dimension of ‘energy’ – and questions that lead to an upgraded leadership operating system include mind, emotions and energy integration.

Energy is the biggest untapped resource available within people and organizations- and this is not the limited perspective of energy as in ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ this is a utilizing of energy to create new and unprecedented results for the company through all delivery channels – sales, operations, IT, customer service, marketing…… all divisions with the company

What would your company look like if you could provide new and evolutionary integrated tools that helped your sales professionals to reach individual sales targets AND help the entire sales team to meet the sales teams overall target? Isn’t that what is the extraordinary?

What would your company look like if your leaders had the increased ability to bring a multitude of resources to the people they led and were to consistently focus on providing success tools, recognition and increased innovation for the company?

In order to achieve these extraordinary results it requires leaders and his or her teams to have extraordinary ways of adapting, extraordinary ways of working together and extraordinary skills that include integrating brain, emotions and energy.

Stay tuned for the formal announcement of these new programs we will be providing and how you can use them to upgrade the leadership operating system and create unparallelled results within your company.


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