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Named #1 in future of work by Onalytica
Named in top 10 future of work by GoCatalant
Named in top 11 Hybrid Workplace Experts by OfficeRND
Columnist for CEO World Magazine
Executive Board Member Fast Company Magazine


In this age of AI, algorithms and hybrid workplace one thing is clear – the future is human. True leadership remains irreplaceable. It’s about empathy, vision and inspiration – qualities that machines cannot replicate.

Robots are not taking our jobs – research confirms that AI is creating new jobs and is creating opportunities for us to automate the mundane so that we as humans can elevate the humane. The NEXT opportunity for leaders is to exponentially elevate their essential human skills to create inspiring and high performing hybrid workplace cultures.

of workers believe AI will improve their quality of life

Source: Gallup

of workers are engaged in the hybrid workplace

Source: Gallup

of leaders see themselves as inspiring leaders

Source: Forbes

of workers say their managers are good at human leadership

Source: Gartner

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Why Work with Cheryl?

She's Human

Cheryl is down to earth and practical, she is a wife, mother, Nana to two grandkids, involved in her local community, dog mom of two who loves yoga, sunsets, hiking, reading, meditating and spending time with her family and friends.


With over two decades of expertise in future of work, hybrid workplace, digital transformation and change leadership strategies delivered through keynotes, retreats and coaching Cheryl brings a wealth of insight, knowledge and inspiration those she works with.


Cheryl’s life work has been centered around her profound belief that the world can be transformed through business. Her inspiration comes from a love for people and an exceptionally optimistic vision for the future of human potential.


From Fortune 500’s to startups, Cheryl has inspired and empowered leaders and teams across the globe to navigate how to be better humans and inspirational leaders within the complexities of a fast paced hybrid workplace and AI enabled world.


Cheryl’s keynote was heartfelt, she openly shared personal stories that really resonated with our participants. She expertly pulls the messaging together with her extensive research backing up her key points. Read more

Cheryl has been my Executive Coach and has worked with me in the areas of leadership development, change management, future of work readiness and collaborative team-building. Read more

You were amazing! Best speaker so far! I am excited about AI and the future!

Cheryl – thank you for making us think and to better understand our role in creating the future!

Your energy! Your enthusiasm! And compassion for all that our attendees are dealing with came through loud and clear.

Cheryl, you knocked it out of the park in your keynote!

Cheryl thank you for your executive leadership coaching for the past 18 months, your practical and inspiring approach has transformed our leaders abilities.

Cheryl you have a unique ability to zero in on ‘roadblocks’ preventing success and then provide ‘real and raw’ feedback that leads to innovative solutions.

Cheryl, after attending one of your leadership retreats I feel equipped and inspired to lead my team in this fast paced digital age.

A few of our clients

How to work with Cheryl

Keynote Speaking

Inspire your leaders, teams or audiences with profound insights on  the “essential human skills” needed to thrive in today’s fast changing and challenging reality. Cheryl is a keynote speaker known for her dynamic delivery, inspirational energy, engaging interactions and actionable ideas !

Leadership Coaching

Customized one on one sessions delivered with a ‘real and raw’ approach that creates positive shifts in perspective and actionable solutions for leading in these fast paced and complex times.

Leadership Retreats

Immersive experiences that challenge and grow your leadership abilities in the age of AI, insights on how to elevate human interaction skills to transform your teams and business results.


The Great Resignation Is Really The Great Reevaluation

Praise for Super.Crucial.Human.

With the impact of AI, accelerated change, living in an increasingly digital world, and global uncertainties, Cheryl brilliantly combines what it takes to experience not only future ready success but also principals that stir the soul and lay the foundation to be an extraordinary leader, influencer, and human that we are innately designed to be.
Through Cheryl’s research, personal and professional experience she shares insights that are a must have for every leaders toolbox!

What's new at NextMapping?

The Future is Human Podcast

The ‘Future is Human’ podcast offers a rich blend of inspirational insights, forward-thinking viewpoints, and actionable tactics, perfectly suited for the fast changing landscape of leadership.  Each episode will energize leaders, providing transformative ideas and tools to guide their teams towards excellence, both today and in the future.

Cheryl’s Keynotes

Keynotes that inspire, inform, shift perspectives and ignite action!

Customized keynotes for your event, conference or strategic retreats.

Microlearning Courses Through EdApp 

Real time learning on the go that is quick with practical and usable sound bites – these courses include video learning, games and quick assessments.

Join Cheryl

As AI reshapes our world, let’s ensure the people first focus is front and center and that we all use this time to elevate ourselves and to transform the future of humanity.


Ready to work with Cheryl to take your leadership to the next level?