Mapping The ‘How’ To Be
Future Ready Now


Research & anticipate the trends

Navigate the fast pace of change

Accelerate innovation

Create the future of work

NextMapping Book by Cheryl Cran


NextMapping: Anticipate, Navigate & Create the Future of Work

The speed of change is ten times faster than it was a decade ago and 40% of today’s Fortune 500 will not exist in the next ten years. There is an urgent need for proactive leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to actively seek out and apply strategies to create the future of work.

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94% of global leaders surveyed are not satisfied with their innovation performance.



77% of employees want people first - digital second as key strategy to transform business for the future.



16% of companies report they are successful with digital transformation efforts.

Oxford Study


70% of companies state that they do not have future ready talent.

Adecco Group

NextMapping™ for

Are your leaders ready for what’s next? Do your leaders have ‘future skills’ to lead the changes needed to get there? We have the integrated solutions to help leaders be future ready now.

NextMapping™ for

Are your teams agile and innovative? We have the tools to help your teams be nimble change leaders creating what’s next for the future.

NextMapping™ for

Are you a future ready entrepreneur? Whether you are an established business or a start up we can help you map what’s next.

How NextMapping works for you

We offer multiple key strategies to help you navigate the future of work — we help you map out what’s next for your company, your leaders and your teams and plan what to do to be future ready now.

NextMapping delivers results!

Being able to foresee the impact of upcoming changes in the workplace is a competitive advantage – doing what’s needed to be ready for the future of work now is the strategic opportunity. Are you ready for what’s next?

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