Media Mentions

Cheryl Cran has been featured as a subject matter expert on future of work, change leadership and trends in the workplace in several media including The Fanny Kiefer Show, Fox Morning Show, CNBC, Metro New York, Washington Post and has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, NBC online, CBS online, and more. Cheryl is also a featured blogger with Silicon Republic, WITI and the NextMapping Blog.


Cheryl Cran, Future of Work expert and founder of NextMapping has been featured in multiple media including:

Global News BC Interviews Cheryl Cran

Global BC TV runs an annual Future of Work series

Cheryl Cran was a guest expert on future of work.

The discussion was on the future of communication and connection within the coronavirus pandemic.
Cheryl shared insights on the state of hiring and finding work now and in the future.

As a guest expert Cheryl Cran provides excellent research and data as well as compelling content for the following media:

  • Magazine feature articles
  • Blog feature articles
  • Book excerpts for articles and blog posts.
  • Radio Interviews
  • Television Interviews
  • Question and Answer Features
  • Book reviews
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Print Interviews
  • You Tube Interviews
  • Expert Commentary
  • Op Ed Pieces
  • Custom Articles for Business and Industry Newsletters and Magazine