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Leadership Consulting

Consulting equips leaders to innovate at the speed of change

Innovate, stay leading-edge and grow, future-proofing your small to mid-sized business supported by boutique consulting services. Our proprietary NextMappingTM business planning platform provides perspective, context and a “what’s next” actionable plan for the next year, three years, five years, 10 years or more.

We offer in-person and virtual consulting services focused on:

  • Helping executives and leaders to build an agile strategic plan aligned with future trends research
  • Helping companies build a change leadership map throughout a digital transformation
  • Helping leaders and teams make the mindset shift to adopt new technologies and processes
  • Helping leaders and teams adjust and adapt rapidly through a merger of companies
  • Helping leaders and teams to upskill and reskill quickly


The NextMapping™ consulting process is a solution for these challenges:

  • Your leaders are struggling to shift their mindsets towards the trends research and what it means for the future of the company
  • Your executive team is focused on ‘legacy’ systems or protecting the status quo
  • Your company needs to implement a digital transformation to cloud based and you need everyone to engage with the new technology, make the most of the new technology and get up to speed quickly Your company needs to initiate a major change throughout the company, and you need everyone to be on board with the changes
  • Your company is going through a merger, and you want to ensure smooth alignment of the cultures
  • Your company is going through a merger, and you want to ensure smooth alignment of the cultures
  • Key members of your company will be leaving due to retirement, and you need a succession strategy
  • Your company has been losing workers due to the Great Resignation/ Workers Market
  • Your company needs to look at outsourcing, freelancing, and revamping the way it looks at how work gets done
  • Your company does not have in house HR and you need to provide outsourced support and coaching to your workers to help them navigate change

What is the NextMapping™ process?


Every business has unique challenges and opportunities. To tailor and design NextMapping™ for you, we first connect with you and your team – and conduct our own preliminary research – to establish an understanding of your ‘current state’.


A common challenge for leaders and teams is that they see their business through a single lens or perspective. To establish a more holistic view, we ideate and we re-introduce you and your team to your organization – from the ‘multiple perspectives’ lens of the future of work.


With a collective understanding of the organization, we now ask, “How does it map on the future landscape?” Building from both emerging and future trends supported by research data we provide context for how to be future ready now.


Equipped with a contextual framework for the future of work, we now collect your feedback. Through live polls, interviews and conversations we assimilate the data gathered from you and your team and iterate the combined feedback.


After capturing the learnings and explored ideas, we distill what it means for your organization. We connect the dots, clearly outlining a vision and your map of what the future of work could look like for your business.


We have created your future of work map – now it’s time to implement. The last stage in NextMapping™ is to outline the actionable steps needed within your organization to bring this vision to reality.

What is NextMapping™ used for?

To make NextMapping™ easy to understand for potential clients, and allow them to recognize that it is uniquely tailored to their situation, we will clearly define the topics and audiences it is tailored towards.

  • Future of Work
  • Change Leadership
  • Driving Organizational Transformation
  • Collaborating and Innovating
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Robotics, AI and Automation
  • Tech & Digital Transformation
  • Entrepreneurial Purpose, Passion and Profit

You have to take opportunities and make an opportunity fit for you, rather than the other way around. The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.”

Sheryl Sandberg

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Did you know?

88% of Workers Believe AI Will Improve Their Lives

29% of Workers Say Their Managers Are Good at Human Leadership

34% of Workers Are Engaged in the Hybrid Workplace

2030 Workplace Will Require Emotionally Intelligent & Culturally Astute Leaders


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