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Are your hybrid teams performing at their most optimal, inspired and engaged best?  

Teams today consist of people who are navigating complexities in life and work. While hybrid work has created some increased well-being among people it has also created complexities around teamwork, communication and results. Leaders who lead hybrid teams with empathy, compassion, accountability and authenticity are having the most success at this time. Team members need to have the opportunity to upskill and to learn how to navigate hybrid team dynamics, better understand diverse personalities, diverse work styles, and diverse generational attitudes. There are a number of ways that I can help you to inspire your teams, train and develop your team ‘human skills’ and how to adapt to change in a fast paced, AI, ChatGPT hybrid workplace reality. There are a number of ways I can support your teams to be performing at their peak performance. Connect today and let’s talk!  

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Investing in your team members development will pay off in major ROI that includes:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Increased employee team synergy
  • Increased ability for employee to adapt to fast pace of change
  • Increased ability for employee to innovate
  • Increased ability for employee to improve the customer experience


The future of work keynotes provide insights, research and a roadmap of how to get from now and to the future.

The leadership keynotes provide dynamic ideas and creative approaches to help build future ready leadership that drives transformation towards the future of work.

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Future ready skills development for teams

Teams have unique professional development goals and challenges as they work towards creating extraordinary results for the clients and the company. Those challenges include adapting to the fast-paced reality of ongoing change, working together cohesively with different personalities, different generations, remote teams and diverse opinions. Our unique coach approach on helping teams navigate ‘what’s next’ provides our NextMapping™ professional development plan for teams to proactively lead the changes needed to be future ready now.

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Build your NextMapping plan for teams

Teams are composed of people and people are unique. The professional development goals for teams in the future of work involves further developing a ‘me to we’ attitude. True teamwork consists of every person building self-awareness, self-assessment, and skill discernment. With the NextMapping™ consulting process we help to assess the strengths of the people on the teams, we assess the team’s strength as a collective and we provide solutions and strategies for teams to be able to work together with extreme focus, motivation and synergy.

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Develop team synergy

Teams are working with more intensity than ever before, tighter deadlines, bigger targets and ongoing pressure to get more done with less. Often teams get mired down in the tasks and what needs to be done today and rarely get a chance to focus on creating and preparing for potential disruptions. With our NextMapping™ training for teams we provide tools and a NextMapping™ development plan to help team members ideate the future, creatively brainstorm solutions and build ways for teams to work together.

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In the future, a team’s success will be their ability to self-manage.”

HBR Journal

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We’ve got you covered – find out more about how to build future ready teams in the workplace – reach out we would love to connect with you.

Did you know?

88% of Workers Believe AI Will Improve Their Lives

29% of Workers Say Their Managers Are Good at Human Leadership

34% of Workers Are Engaged in the Hybrid Workplace

2030 Workplace Will Require Emotionally Intelligent & Culturally Astute Leaders


Practical, inspirational and tactical - Cheryl delivers!

Empathetic yet able to hold people accountable in an inspirational way - Cheryl is fantastic.

Cheryl’s predictions on human behavior and the future workplace have been spot on!

Leadership Retreats

Are you a CEO, senior leader, a newly promoted senior leader or an entrepreneur?

Gain the ‘human’ advantage attend a Super.Crucial. Leader retreat where you will:

  • Breakthrough any biases, perspectives and limiting beliefs to radically transform your leadership success
  • Learn tactics and hacks to increase your energy, your bandwidth and your outputs
  • Reinvent your leadership ‘brand’ by getting crystal clear on your unique leadership ‘gifts’

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