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NextMappingTM helps team players lead change

The future workplace requires teams that embrace a shared leadership approach. NextMappingTM builds the professional development goals of resilience, agility, and foresight to create future-ready teams. The future workplace will be an environment where ‘everyone will be a leader’. This does not mean too many cooks in the kitchen – what it means is that every single worker will need to develop his or her skills to be able to ‘lead change’ and ‘share leadership’. Your team members ability to change is directly related to the skills development that they receive.

Investing in your team members development will pay off in major ROI that includes:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Increased employee team synergy
  • Increased ability for employee to adapt to fast pace of change
  • Increased ability for employee to innovate
  • Increased ability for employee to improve the customer experience


The future of work keynotes provide insights, research and a roadmap of how to get from now and to the future.

The leadership keynotes provide dynamic ideas and creative approaches to help build future ready leadership that drives transformation towards the future of work.

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Future ready skills development for teams

Teams have unique professional development goals and challenges as they work towards creating extraordinary results for the clients and the company. Those challenges include adapting to the fast-paced reality of ongoing change, working together cohesively with different personalities, different generations, remote teams and diverse opinions. Our unique coach approach on helping teams navigate ‘what’s next’ provides our NextMapping™ professional development plan for teams to proactively lead the changes needed to be future ready now.

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Build your NextMapping plan for teams

Teams are composed of people and people are unique. The professional development goals for teams in the future of work involves further developing a ‘me to we’ attitude. True teamwork consists of every person building self-awareness, self-assessment, and skill discernment. With the NextMapping™ consulting process we help to assess the strengths of the people on the teams, we assess the team’s strength as a collective and we provide solutions and strategies for teams to be able to work together with extreme focus, motivation and synergy.

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Develop team synergy

Teams are working with more intensity than ever before, tighter deadlines, bigger targets and ongoing pressure to get more done with less. Often teams get mired down in the tasks and what needs to be done today and rarely get a chance to focus on creating and preparing for potential disruptions. With our NextMapping™ training for teams we provide tools and a NextMapping™ development plan to help team members ideate the future, creatively brainstorm solutions and build ways for teams to work together.

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In the future, a team’s success will be their ability to self-manage.”

HBR Journal

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Did you know?

Workers Shortage To Continue to At Least 2030

25% Increase in Workers Seeking Remote Work in 2022

21% Increase in Freelance Work in Past Year

70% Of Leaders Say They Are Hiring MORE in 2022


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What’s NextMapping™?

NextMappingTM is our proprietary process to help organizations, leaders, teams and entrepreneurs elevate their ability to chart a course forward and be ready for the future.

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