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NextMapping™ – Anticipate, Navigate & Create the Future of Work

NEW book “NextMapping™ – Anticipate, Navigate and Create the Future of Work ” now released and available on Amazon.

NextMapping™ - Anticipate, Navigate and Create the Future of Work

The speed of change is ten times faster than it was a decade ago and 40% of today’s Fortune 500 will not exist in the next ten years. There is an urgent need for proactive leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to actively seek out and apply strategies to create the future of work.

NextMapping™ provides tools and strategies that will accelerate you and your organizations ability to lead the future of work with increased innovation, agility and adaptability. With extensive research into the future of work, a proven track record of client successes and two decades of being one of the world’s top business ‘go to’ consultants Cheryl Cran provides the secrets to transforming disruptive changes into opportunity and advantage. NextMapping™ is a proven model that maps out the steps to help you navigate the future with greater certainty in a highly unstable and uncertain world. Using the principles of the NextMapping™ model you will learn how to easily anticipate, navigate and create an exponentially abundant future of work for yourself, your teams and for your company that leads to greater competitive advantage.

Readers will learn

  • The trends impacting the future of work including human behaviors and technology
  • The three mindsets you need in order to be future ready now and be change resilient
  • How to read the signs of change in order to anticipate and be ahead of disruptive forces
  • How to use the NextMapping™ model to create a future ready culture and company
  • Map out and plan short term and mid-term strategies into growth opportunities
  • How to inspire others to co-create the future and to ‘lead the changes’ to get there

Book Reviews

 A Must- Read By Anyone Working Or Leading a Business At All Levels
“I had the opportunity to hear Cheryl Cran in one of her lectures last year, and this book is the next best thing for anyone interested in the future of work and the evolution of today’s working world to tomorrow’s world, today. This book should be read and discussed by all workers and business leaders at all levels, to understand what motivates the new working cultures (millennials and Get-Z) and how the legacy cultures can connect with and evolve with those upcoming cultures for a common fulfillment for the future of work. The book should be discussed in colleges, in the Today Show, anywhere that the hope and progress for the future of work is discussed. Cheryl’s Infographics at the end of each chapter of this book is work the price of admission, alone. Technology, social behavior, and psychology intertwine effortlessly in her explanations that make academic and practical sense.”

– Chester M. Lee, Amazon Customer


The future of work, self leadership and organization is here!
“The best book on this very topic of the future of work.
Cheryl provides so many stories and practical tips that if are not reading this now, you really is missing out for the future. Being a Gen X I feel empowered and I will from now challenge myself to have an abundant, creative and people first mindset! Thanks Cheryl for writing this book and share to the world for our brighter better future.”

– Alice Fung, Amazon Customer


Excellent guide on how to plan and prepare for the future of work
“As a freelancer, I found the book NextMapping to be an excellent guide on how to plan and prepare for the future of work. I need to be on top of the trends shaping how businesses are operating. This book is relevant and timely for me.”

– Michelle, Amazon Customer


Eye-Opening For The Future Of Business
“This book does an amazing job projecting into the future and provides actionable and measurable steps to be prepared for the changing business environment. The writing and ideas are clearly presented in ways an avid reader of business books like myself can appreciate. I’d definitely recommend if you are looking to stay ahead of the innovation curve.”

– Keran S., Amazon Customer


I was inspired by the potential of technology and its positive impact.
“Cheryl has a unique and motivating way to share cutting edge and leading edge principals that goes beyond the intellect and connects with internal motivations. As soon as I read Chapter 1 I was riveted and inspired by the potential of technology and its positive impact. I especially appreciated the infographics for each chapter making it easy to see the recap of each chapter at a glance – brilliant! This book is an inspiring look at the future and how leaders, team members and entrepreneurs can proactively create a thriving future.”

– Teresia LaRocque, Amazon Customer


You won’t want to put this book down.
“Navigating the future of our workforce is such a huge challenge. This is a fantastic and enlightening read. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to grow and succeed in their environment.”

– Christine, Amazon Customer


Plan your future
“Cheryl Cran’s NextMapping gives you great information on the trends shaping both the personal and the business realms. I love the way she zooms in and out. The big trends, the personal impact. I highly recommend this book!”

– Shelle Rose Charvet, Amazon Customer


A Great Read
“Even I am not an entrepreneur or owner of business, I still enjoy the book a lot and it is very intriguing. Great read! It provides me with new perspectives and reflections on near-future business environment. Without a doubt, it is definitely a useful guide with good advices for entrepreneurs and company owners. Highly recommend!”

– Wyatt Sze, Amazon Customer


Looking Forward
“NextMapping is a look at where business is headed in a world where AI and robotics play ever increasing roles in business. Cheryl Cran presents a vision of the future that is not far off. She discusses the importance of remaining on top of research to keep your business heading toward the future not lost in the past. Cran’s writing style is clear and engaging. I enjoyed reading this book and found it to be very informative and interesting. The book is written in an organized and comprehensible way that makes it a fairly easy read and the images and graphs added to this. I really liked the sections on prediction and challenging the way you are thinking. An interesting and inspiring read.”

– Emerson Rose Craig, Amazon Customer


Must Read for leaders, teams and entrepreneurs
“NextMapping is a must read for leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to be ready for the future, NOW! I found the book provide me with practical steps and I loved the PREDICT model. Highly recommend!!”

– WomenSpeakersAssociation, Amazon Customer


Ensuring future success
“Being able to navigate and leverage the future of work is critical for business success now as well as in the future, and NextMapping helps you do just that Using real life examples, tools, and guides the books clearly breakdown the steps to take to take to leverage trends, and control your success. This is not just about on robots, AI, data and technology. It’s a a book about people, teams, customers and business. As a sales consultant, I found the discussion in “The Future is Shared” chapter extremely powerful. A employee’s mindsets shift, a new approach to business is required which will affect on your employees and your customers. Regardless of your position, job market or business, read this book if you want to continue growing for the next few years!”

– Colleen, Amazon Customer


Preparing your business for the future
“The author of this book maintains that businesses and entrepreneurs must prepare now for the future of work as it changes as a result of AI, automation, robotics and the sheer fast pace of change. This makes very sound sense: “NextMapping helps turn future visons into creative solutions and actionable plans for …our clients”. The NextMapping consultancy company will take the effort out of researching future trends and you can therefore benefit from their valuable experience. The author looks in detail at the impact robotics are already having in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail. She examines the lifestyle and work choices people are making today to forecast the trends of the future. A fascinating exercise and a good read.”

– M. Hernandez, Amazon Customer


A Very Intriguing Read
“As a small business owner, I’m always super apprehensive about the thought of AI, automation and robotics, but in all honesty, I think that it’s something that all business owners (of all sizes) need to really learn about, explore and truly become aware of in terms of how those benefits can affect their own place of business. “NextMapping: Anticipate, Navigate & Create the Future of Work” clearly and concisely breaks down this future of businesses in a manner that is really eye-opening and is most certainly a must read for all businesses, even those who claim that they would never incorporate robotics, AI or automation in their company. This book will ultimately change your mindset.”

– Amy Koller, Amazon Customer


A book full of valuable information
“This is a really short read but it’s full of great advice and strategies for entrepreneurs, company owners and leaders to prepare for the future of business and stay ahead of the game to continue to be successful even when business becomes more automated. As a freelancer, I feel like this book will help me prepare better and stay up to date with the way businesses will change and grow. As someone who also works for a small company This book will help me bring valuable information to the table which will both help our company grow as well as help me grow in the company as well. I feel like this book should be read by anyone who feels the future of their business depends on staying current and planning ahead for where business may grow next!”

– Shanell, Amazon Customer


The robots are coming! But that might not be a bad thing…
“The mere advance of AI-controlled robots and software is fascinating in many ways, but it also has some very practical meanings and applications. Ai could revolutionize the way we live in the next ten to twenty years, and since we spend a significant part of our lives working, the changes would likely have an impact on the labor market and work environments as well.

It’s easy to just disregard the technological revolution as something that isn’t happening for another couple of decades, but the truth is, it already is happening and affecting our lives, as well as the functioning of numerous businesses. Most DVD sellers never saw Netflix coming, and Uber is no longer just a funny word to all those taxi drivers who lost a significant part of their income thanks to a smartphone app. Whether you’re a small business owner or a CEO of a major company, you need to be aware of the changes brought on by AI and plan your further actions accordingly if you want to still be successful in a decade.”

– Rev. Stephen R. Wilson, Amazon Customer


A highly informative book!
“Nextmapping” is a book that provides strategies and ideas on how to prepare people and businesses to adapt to the rapidly changing face of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. The book is very well-structured and it is easy for the reader to see that the author is indeed well-experienced and understands the topic very thoroughly. The author brings up many real-life examples and case studies to help the reader understand the great importance of being able to adapt quickly to the rapid changes in technology that affects all aspects of our lives. What I like most about the book is the PREDICT acronym which helps the reader to anticipate the future and better prepare for it. This book is not only for business owners and corporate leaders who are concerned about building a business that can withstand the change of seasons. This book is also highly informative and will benefit anyone who doesn’t want to be left behind by the waves of technological change.”

– Faith Lee, Amazon Customer


For targeted audience and interesting material for all readers.
“Following the usual disclaimer, the book opens with words about the author, a Preface and three individual parts. PART ONE contains 2 chapters, The first explaining that “The Future is NOW” and asks “Are You Ready?” for of the already initiated abundance of robots, drones, AI and the differently evolved thought processes of the new employee population with which you are going to have to deal. Chapter Two – “The Future, Predicting the Future – The Predict Way” describes where you must decide when and how these elements will affect your business. PART TWO contains 3 chapters examining “The Future of Work.” The first (Chapter Three) “The Mindset of a Navigator of The Future of Work” explains specifically what this will need to be. Chapter Four, “The Future is Shared” explains how the mindset of new employees will differ from previous ones necessitating an entirely new approach. Five, “Navigating Today’s Challenges – What’s Next” examines existing and future elements. PART THREE consists of chapters 6 and 7 that explain the absolute requirement for creation of a ‘Culture of Trust’ within the work force to face a very human future with Robots, AI and Automation. A final chapter emphasizes NextMapping to “Create Your Future of Work and Share the Future You Are Creating”. A list of “Resources” and a most helpful Index conclude the book.

Discussion: This is another in the rather large number of books that are appearing to aid business Owners, CEO’s, COO’s in facing the impact of so many factors. Automation has received the largest amount of attention to date because of the horrendous increase in data that already are a major and ever-increasing problem with several books dedicated to the need to expand Cloud and the possibilities of developing Quantum Computers. A few have focused upon the personal element and involvement of the personality aspects of the differing generations. This author has pulled together much of this latter material, seemingly somewhat more succinctly than others I have read, and explained not only the characteristic differences of the new entrants from those they are replacing in the work force, but their relationship to the fast-growing areas of Robots. AI and automation. As in most books written by frequent lecturers, there is considerable repetition that can be overlooked because of its use ‘to make a point’. All in all, a most worthy contribution to the requirement of increased knowledge for business to survive in this fast changing world. Which brings an interesting thought to mind for this reader. The constant surveillance that will be required by someone in some position of power to assure the trustworthiness of each component of the ‘teams’. With the new teams making the decisions, only one undedicated individual can bring about unwanted results bringing to mind the old adage – A camel is a horse designed by a committee.”

– John H. Manhold, Amazon Customer


“Cheryl’s new book is essential reading for any proactive professional willing to take action and embrace the future of work. Supported by the latest trends and valuable data to carefully analyze the abrupt transformations impacting the future of work, this book is a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to learn how to anticipate, and navigate the future with increased success.”

– Sebastian Siseles, VP International,


“As part of one’s role as a CEO, you must be able to lead your organization, regardless of the economic climate, in coping with rapid and continual societal and technical change, along with reaping its potential rewards.   Cheryl’s book provides an excellent study on the future organizations have to look forward to, as well providing the skills needed to foster those future changes needed for your organization.”

– Walter Foeman, City Clerk, City of Coral Gables


  “I have known Cheryl Cran for several years and our firm uses her research to consistently analyze if we are operating with a daily mindset focused on growth and expansion. With NextMapping, Cheryl is providing the entrepreneurial community the tools to prepare their organizations for a future world where behaviors and technology will intersect in ways no one could have imagined 20 years ago.”

 – John E. Moriarty, Founder & President, e3 ConsultantsGROUP


  “NextMapping is a must read for leaders and working professionals across industries. As the world of work becomes increasingly fast-paced and unpredictable, individuals and organizations must become more agile and adaptable to stay relevant. Cheryl provides an eye-opening glimpse into to the future of work with research-based trends and examples and provides readers with practical tips for building critical change competencies.”

– Liz O’Connor, Associate Principal, Daggerwing Group


“NextMapping is invigorating! If you are a business leader looking for strategies to move your organization to the next level, this book is for you. I appreciate Cheryl’s frank approach and her data driven research provides credibility to her audience.”

– Josh Hveem, COO, OmniTel Communications


“Cheryl Cran is an impressive speaker and writer who motivates leaders to see beyond the immediate future and inspires leaders to navigate challenges to achieve their goals. NextMapping uses relevant data to clarify direction and provides practical advice for making the future a reality. In a work and social environment where change is accelerating and rules are changing, this clear vision and path to the future of work has never been more necessary.”

– Suzanne Adnams, Research VP, Gartner


  “This book is a journey to the future of business and leadership. It is a beautiful integration of organizational wisdom and business saviour with a deep knowledge and comprehension of the human nature and of how complex living systems works. What is amazing is the way the author shows consistency between what she writes and what she is. Sharing her insights on how to create a future ready culture and company she embodies the role of evolutionary leader so clearly addressed and well-described in the book. A game-changing workpiece that will bring to the reader new clarity, inspiration and desire for action.”

– Danilo Simoni, Founder and CEO of BLOOM


“When it comes to the navigating the Future of Work, Nextmapping is a lighthouse. It helps us avoid the invisible rocky obstacles while we chart the most direct course to our destination- engaged, productive workplaces. Inaction is not an option as change ranges all around us – Cheryl’s work gives every leader the confidence to lead both themselves and others.”

– Christine McLeod, Everyday Leaders, Leadership Facilitator & Advisor


Chapter 1 Preview

Cheryl Cran shares a peek at Chapter 1 of her new book, “NextMapping- Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work” due out in February 2019.

Chapter 2 Preview

Cheryl Cran shares a quick peek at Chapter 2. It’s about how to use pattern recognition and trends in human behaviour to better map out and plan your future as a leader, team member, entrepreneur or organization.

Chapter 3 Preview

In Chapter 3 the focus is on navigating the future with a futurist and abundant mindset. The power of keeping thoughts on current reality and the future to create a new future outcome.

Chapter 4 Preview

Chapter 4 focuses on the future is shared, sharing economy and shared leadership. Millennials and Gen Z want to work in shared and open source workplace.

Chapter 5 Preview

In Chapter 5 the focus is on navigating the challenge of digital transformation, finding and keeping good people, and how companies are solving some of the challenges. The challenges require new and creative solutions.

Chapter 6 Preview

Chapter 6 is about in order to create the change you need to have a culture of trust. The need for leaders to create a transparent culture where teams can feel safe to innovate, collaborate and change.

Chapter 7 Preview

This chapter focuses on a very human future in an age of robotics, AI, automation and robotics. Workers looking for a more soulful and human workplace. This means focusing on the customer and employee experience as top focus with technology supporting HOW we create a more human experience.

Chapter 8 Preview

Cheryl Cran shares a preview of Chapter 8 of her new book, NextMapping- Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work. Everything comes together including the NextMapping process to help leaders, teams and organizations be future ready now.

About the author

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™, a future of work consultancy. She is the author of ten books, including NextMapping and The Art of Change Leadership – Driving Transformation In a Fast Paced World. Her clients include Amazon, Allstream, Salesforce, PWC, Upwork and more. The purpose of Cheryl’s work is to help leaders and teams create their ‘Next’ – with a people-first mindset and a strong focus on the human condition.

Did you know?

88% of Workers Believe AI Will Improve Their Lives

29% of Workers Say Their Managers Are Good at Human Leadership

34% of Workers Are Engaged in the Hybrid Workplace

2030 Workplace Will Require Emotionally Intelligent & Culturally Astute Leaders


Practical, inspirational and tactical - Cheryl delivers!

Empathetic yet able to hold people accountable in an inspirational way - Cheryl is fantastic.

Cheryl’s predictions on human behavior and the future workplace have been spot on!

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