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Cheryl Cran’s keynotes inspire and empower

There’s a reason companies like Amazon, Upwork, Salesforce, Cisco and others have engaged Cheryl Cran to deliver vibrant, interactive keynotes that inspire and empower audiences. She is widely recognized for her unique ability to provide context and solutions for a fast-changing present and future.

Whether virtual, in-person or pre-recorded, Cheryl’s keynotes share high production value and a focus on transforming linear thinking to creative thinking and driving innovation. Her prep work includes gathering audience data that she integrates into an actionable presentation customized to meet the requirements of each organization.

Cheryl’s keynote approach is that she sees herself as a ‘facilitator of intelligence’ – she brings extensive research and thought leadership AND she values the insights and input from her high intelligence audience members.

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NEW Keynote: The Future is Human

How Being a Better Human Is The Key To Future of Work 

Based on Cheryl’s new book, 'Super.Crucial.Human.'

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"Cheryl’s keynote was heartfelt, she openly shared personal stories that really resonated with our participants. We appreciated her connection between work and real-life; how what is going on in your life is a part of how we engage at work."

C. Schroeder – Director

NEW Keynote: Think Like a Futurist

How To Leverage Trends & Patterns To Create What’s Next

The future needs leaders with energy, stamina and increased ability to inspire and engage teams in the hybrid workplace

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Cheryl, thank you for helping us make the CFC Forum a huge success – we have to say that you were one of the most prepared speakers we have ever had and you were great to work with!
We are still getting survey results but the early comments have been stellar and your session was highly rated. Thank you!.

Conference Co-Chair
CFC Forum

The Future of Hybrid Teams

Hybrid teams are here to stay, research shows that virtual work and WFA (work from anywhere) is going to increase.

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Although I felt that I was relatively effective in leading and engaging hybrid teams, Cheryl made me think twice about how to be even more effective… I also like the shared leadership model. I tend to try to do everything myself, but that doesn’t engage the team.

Attendee Feedback

Keynote - The Future of Hybrid Teams

Leading Hybrid Teams In A Fast Changing Workplace

89% of workers surveyed have stated that they want to work remotely at least two days a week. We are in a new reality where workers expect increased flexibility and increased life/work balance. Leaders need to upskill their mindset, perspectives and strategies to inspire their hybrid teams

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The session with Cheryl was dynamic and motivating. The new leadership mindset and intelligences will help organizations, if they're not already using the models, become more successful in team building.

Annual Meeting Attendee
Eye Bank Association of America

Keynote Leading Virtual Teams

The Future of Leadership

What are the attributes, what are the mindsets and what are the secrets to being a change leader driving towards the future of work.

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Cheryl Cran’s keynote was a major hit with our leaders – her keynote “The Future of Leadership” had it all – audience polling ,trends research, usable strategies AND delivered with massive energy that kept everyone entertained and engaged throughout.

N Lewis
Alberta Central

Leadership, Keynote, Female Keynote Speaker

The Future of Work is now – are you ready?

What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2030?

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Cheryl was the absolute perfect fit for our Futures Summit - we have a highly discerning group of credit union leaders who pride themselves on being on the leading edge AND Cheryl challenged them to think even more creatively, to stretch their innovation approach as well as to build future strategies based on the fast changing realities in the financial services industry. We would highly recommend Cheryl Cran as a future of work expert and keynote speaker.

J. Kile
Futures Summit Credit Union Executives MN

Keynote - The Future of Work is Now

How To Attract and Retain Top Talent In a Hybrid Workers Market

95% of companies surveyed cite the rise in competition among companies to find and keep good people. The hybrid workplace reality means workers have more options than ever before as to where they will work and how they will work. 54% of workers are currently seeking other opportunities and that's because more workers are seeking to find work that lines up with their personal life circumstances. People don't leave their work they leave leaders who do not inspire, support or coach.

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Our group rated Cheryl 10 out of 10 as our keynote speaker. She was our highest rated keynote speaker at our conference. She exceeded our expectations!

CEO National Agra Marketing

Keynote The future of attracting & keeping top talent

What to expect before the keynote

  • In depth customization call with Cheryl focused on your goals for the event and expected outcomes, Cheryl will share post keynote tools and inclusions to ensure the keynote message ‘sticks’.
  • A logistics discussion about platform being used for virtual or AV planning for in person events
  • Cheryl will recommend a customized keynote title and content for your event that is aligned with your theme and event goals
  • Cheryl sends a custom write up for your planning team to review to ensure it aligns with discussion in the customization call
  • In addition to the custom write up, Cheryl will send a two-minute welcome video along with an anonymous privacy protected three-question quick survey for audience members to complete prior to the keynote
  • An AV rehearsal call is scheduled to walk through the staging process (in studio for virtual)
  • Cheryl develops the keynote including data gathered from the audience survey, research and trends data and other materials provided such as mission/vision/values – key elements from other presenters to ensure content of the overall event is aligned throughout the keynote messaging.
  • Cheryl will text you when she arrives for in person event and for virtual, she will text you to ensure you can connect during the virtual keynote
  • It’s show time!

During the keynote

  • Cheryl arrives early to ensure smooth set up – for virtual events she logs on one hour prior to start and for in person she does an AV tech check either the night before the event or 90 minutes before the start time at the event.
  • Cheryl brings her own laptop with presentation loaded and all adaptors
  • Cheryl connects with the event contact to ensure everything is all set up and good to go
  • When onstage Cheryl invites the audience to interact via text messaging and interactive polling.
  • Her in person keynotes have music, videos, and movie clips Her virtual keynotes have polling/texting
  • Cheryl ends her keynote with high inspiration and call to action items that can be applied immediately after the event by attendees for greater success

After the Keynote

  • Cheryl meets and greets audience members, and/or signs books
  • To ensure post keynote impact Cheryl provides access to one of her online courses for audience members to access post keynote
  • Books are available for purchase to provide to audience members as a post keynote learning tool
  • Cheryl will share the anonymous survey data overview from the audience surveys with organizing team
  • Virtual events and videoed in person events are included and event planners can store the recordings for up to 30 days in a private password protected intranet.

Customize your keynote

For more information on how Cheryl can customize a
keynote for your next event connect with us today.

Did you know?

Workers Shortage To Continue to At Least 2030

25% Increase in Workers Seeking Remote Work in 2022

21% Increase in Freelance Work in Past Year

70% Of Leaders Say They Are Hiring MORE in 2022


Highly relevant material that is critical to current business operations.

I feel energized and more future-focused than I have in a while!

Cheryl should have been booked for a longer time block!

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