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External Coach Perspective = Innovative Results

Coaching elevates your performance

Cheryl has coached leaders for over 20 years and her experience as a successful leader in finance and insurance prior to starting her consulting firm provides her with real world relevance in her coach approach. 

Clients who have worked with Cheryl as their leadership coach say

“Cheryl’s tough love coach approach literally transformed my leadership abilities – my team is engaged and performing at their best”

“Cheryl’s unique approach to coaching is a blend of asking questions and providing external perspectives from her breadth of work with leaders in multiple industries which our company leaders found invaluable in navigating our digital transformation change”  

“Results! Cheryl’s direct and no nonsense yet deeply human approach completely shifted my approach to how I lead my team. I went from feeling frustrated and stressed to feeling empowered and inspired” 

Whether you are looking for individual coaching or have a team that you would like to have aligned with a major project or change initiative including going through a merger or digital transformation we can help.

Successful businesspeople everywhere use business and leadership coaching to help them thrive. Create your best possible future supported by our certified NextMappingTM coaches. Through in-person or virtual meetings, they can provide you with frameworks, motivation and guidance that enable you to think strategically and lead confidently in fast-changing times.

What does Oprah, Hugh Jackman and Bill Gates all have in common? They have ALL worked with coaches to provide perspective, insights and never thought about solutions.


What’s your mindset about the future?

1. I’ll worry about it later

Delaying acting on what is to come until it directly affects you or your business is a scarcity mindset focused on protecting the status quo and premised on a fear of change.

2. Bring it on!

Feeling excited about the future and doing everything you can to ready yourself, your team and your business for it is an abundance mindset that takes control and uses empowered action to chart a course forward.

Coaching addresses leadership challenges

Many leaders focus on day-to-day realities. They’re so busy putting out fires that they can lose their way along the path towards an inspired future.

To create sustainable, repeatable upgraded behaviors, leaders need a strategy founded on the creation of a compelling “what’s next?” along with accountability to make the necessary changes to be future-ready. Behavioral scientists have identified four key elements necessary for transformation:

  • Willingness to change
  • Flexibility of mindset
  • New behaviors
  • Focus on a compelling “why?”

Our proprietary coaching process helps leaders, team members and entrepreneurs take their success to the next level. Six steps map your path from where you are now to where you want to go. Throughout, we identify strengths and areas of opportunity to increase your effectiveness and results. You commit to honestly self-assess and to change and lead change with your teams. We hold you accountable to your goals, partner with you to ideate new strategies, and work with you to map a plan to create the future you want.

Reach your goals with integrative strategies

At NextMapping™, our coaches use science, data, human skills, and process to create powerful, lasting changes. Our proven process and leadership coaching approach will help you:

  • Speed up the rate of your teams ability to adapt to change Increase your leadership capabilities to improve employee engagement
  • Upskill to learn how to use multiple intelligences to increase collaboration and innovation
  • Gain multiple perspectives by seeing issues and challenges as innovative opportunities
  • Navigate the fast pace of change and ongoing disruption with confidence and ease
  • Free up your time and leverage an outsourced coach to help your teams develop new skills
  • Gain greater context on your “why” and what’s next for you and your business
  • Recalibrate and upgrade your mindset to focus on abundance and provide change leadership with an inspiring vision of the future Innovate client service delivery to create raving brand fans for your company
  • Leverage digitization strategies to increase efficiencies for yourself and the business
  • Exponentially grow the business

I’m already successful – why change?

That’s a great question. What we find is that successful businesspeople are often already running as fast as they can. Leadership coaching can help you carve out more time for inspiration and focused action. That in turn enables you to stay on the most efficient path to reach your goals.

Cheryl very quickly identified my management style and worked with me to reframe perspectives, adjust behaviors, develop multiple perspectives and enhance my leadership skills. She held me accountable during those difficult times when I was unable to do that myself! The greatest reward was when others communicated how proud they were of my development and how it inspired them to make change.”

C. Cameron

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Did you know?

88% of Workers Believe AI Will Improve Their Lives

29% of Workers Say Their Managers Are Good at Human Leadership

34% of Workers Are Engaged in the Hybrid Workplace

2030 Workplace Will Require Emotionally Intelligent & Culturally Astute Leaders


Practical, inspirational and tactical - Cheryl delivers!

Empathetic yet able to hold people accountable in an inspirational way - Cheryl is fantastic.

Cheryl’s predictions on human behavior and the future workplace have been spot on!

Leadership Retreats

Are you a CEO, senior leader, a newly promoted senior leader or an entrepreneur?

Gain the ‘human’ advantage attend a Super.Crucial. Leader retreat where you will:

  • Breakthrough any biases, perspectives and limiting beliefs to radically transform your leadership success
  • Learn tactics and hacks to increase your energy, your bandwidth and your outputs
  • Reinvent your leadership ‘brand’ by getting crystal clear on your unique leadership ‘gifts’

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