NextMapping Future of Work White Papers

At NextMapping we are doing ongoing research on all things future of work. Our White Papers include research on AI, automation and robotics as well as the workplace challenges facing businesses today.

NEW! Top 20 Future Work Trends 2020


Top 20 Future of Work Trends 2020

At NextMapping our research is based on our proprietary framework, the PREDICT model which is outlined in the bestseller, “NextMapping – Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work.”

The PREDICT model consists of 7 stages of leveraging trends to provide strategic insights for leaders, teams and businesses. The PREDICT model provides a framework to help create the NEW future of work that aligns with current strategies and actions.

This report leverages research and the HOW to help leaders, teams, entrepreneurs and businesses to create the future!

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NextMapping White Paper - ReThinking Recruitment & Retention in the Future of Work

ReThinking Recruitment & Retention in the Future of Work

One of the biggest focuses for businesses in 2019 and beyond into 2020 is finding, hiring and keeping good people.

Leaders are challenged with finding highly skilled and ready to work people. Leaders are also challenged with how to keep talented people on board.

The reality is that leaders are now competing with multiple factors in regards to recruiting – the competition isn’t just other companies, it’s the workers themselves.

The strategies that worked for years will not work now or in the future. Attitudes are shifting and this generation of employees aren’t looking so much for ‘jobs’ or ‘careers’ as they are looking for meaningful projects, part-time opportunities, shared work opportunities, remote work and more.

In this comprehensive free White Paper, we provide the data, research and anecdotes on how to be on the leading edge of recruiting and retaining top talent.

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If Robots are the Future of Work – What’s Next for Humans?

Many futurists focus on a dystopian view of the future where we will be working and living in a dehumanized robot reality.

There is also research that confirms that WE as humans can determine HOW we use robots, automation and AI and its up to us to use technological innovation to create better lives and work realities for everyone on the planet.

This white paper provides both points of view and lets YOU decide the future you want to create.

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