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3 Daily Actions That Set The Tone For Your Team – Video

April 23, 2019

We at NextMapping get a lot of questions – when I present at conferences I ask the audience to text me questions. Many of the questions are about what to do today to be ready for the fast changing future.

I get questions such as:

How do we navigate compliance or regulatory issues while working to lead change?


How do we motivate and inspire teams to stay engaged through change?

We also get many questions through our social media and from our coach clients and so we thought setting up weekly video’s to answer frequently asked questions would be of value.

We have called our vide series on You Tube #futuretalk and every week we select a question that I answer via video. We would love it if you would subscribe to the channel so that you can receive all new videos as they are posted.

Here is one of the featured videos “3 Daily Actions That Set The Tone For Your Team” in the #futuretalk series:

We hope you find value in this video and once you subscribe you can get your weekly ‘fix’ on all things future of work, change leadership and more!

Do you have a question you want answered by me on video? Please email your question to and we will add it to our list!

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