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Future of Work Trends 2019

December 5, 2018

What’s next for the future of work? Take a look at our Future of Work Trends 2019.

2018 was a year of much upheaval and change in global politics and world events.

The theme for workplaces in 2018 was about ‘people’ finding good people, keeping good people and engaging people at work.

In 2019 we will see the trend of ‘people focused’ future and here are some specific trends we will see:

  1. The increase of digital transformation to solve the problem of silos between departments
  2. Increase of robots and automation to solve labor shortages for repetitive task jobs
  3. Increase of flexible workforce solutions – increase remote workers – increase outsourced workers
  4. HR leaders to increase real time performance tools to solve succession plan challenges
  5. Globalization will increase the competition for talent and people will choose to work based on ‘life’ path
  6. Diversity will increase which means leaders will need to radically rethink how they communicate and how to be an inclusive leader.
  7. Millennials and Gen Z will put increasing pressure on companies to provide flex work, remote work and shared work opportunities.
  8. Employee experience will be the #1 driver of company success – employees feeling valued, enjoying their work and having freedom to create.
  9. Companies will integrate HR strategy as the DRIVER of strategic planning and goals
  10. AI and automation will reveal new ways to restructure work for people that is creative, energizing and rewarding

Future of Work Trends 2019 will be the year that companies really embrace the “people first” mentality and look to enhance employee experience. Digital transformation will be reconfigured to focus on people first from the customer experience perspective and the employee experience perspective.

Leaders will need to radically rethink how they recruit and stop looking for long term employees and start looking at creating engaging work, rotating projects and job share opportunities. Leaders will need to increase his or her flexibility and ability to adapt to fast changing employee desires.

Overall change is not slowing down. In the Future of Work Trends 2019 the pace of change is going to continue to accelerate and the best way to prepare for 2019 and the years ahead is to build your skill set on being a better leader, being more agile and being a change leader. 


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