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March 1 2019 World Future Day

February 28, 2019

Its World Future Day on March 1 2019 and it’s a great opportunity to take stock of where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

Our research at NextMapping reveals a very promising future and opportunities for individuals and business.

In fact the future according to Peter Diamandis author of “Abundance – The Future is Better Than You Think” is one of tremendous potential he says:

“Right now, and for the first time ever, a passionate and committed individual has access to the technology, minds, and capital required to take on any challenge.”

The future as it stands can either be viewed through fear or through optimism – choice is ours and we create the future.

Today on World Future Day let’s spend the day focused on how we can create a better future for ourselves and others.

Here are some abundant and positive thoughts to consider as you go through your day:

  1. Look at the trends in technology and shifts in values of people with curiosity not judgement – just be curious about the impact of robotics, AI, automation and its impact on the future.
  2. Are you willing to change? Ask yourself how you can be more flexible in mindset and agile in behaviour as it relates to adapting to the fast pace of change.
  3. Focus on ABLE (always be learning everyday) as your strategy for creating your future – find ways to stretch your mind and your perspective every single day.
  4. Read my new book, “NextMapping – Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work” and notice how you feel about the research and the focus on a positive and abundant future. Share your thoughts by posting a review.
  5. Look at the future with a focus on ‘legacy’ – what is the legacy you want to leave? What is the legacy you want your company to leave? When we focus on how we can impact the future with a legacy we can stay focused on positive action towards creating it.

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