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Cheryl Cran and her guests talk all things ‘future of work’ and how to use NextMapping™ to create your exponentially successful future.

Hear from CEO’s, CIO’s, Data Scientists, Social Scientists, Behaviorial Scientist, and Future of Work Visionaries on our NextMapping podcasts

Current Episodes

Listen to leaders share insights on the future of work from companies such as Upwork, Freelancer, BDO and more.

This is Why – Global News Podcast

Featuring Cheryl Cran – With ever-advancing technologies and artificial intelligence creeping into the workforce, job security for current and future generations has never been more worrying. This week, we look at how the job market is going to evolve and how to help workers get the best possible employment opportunities in the future. 

Podcast #14

Featuring Ben Wright, CEO of Velocity Global. Ben and Cheryl discuss how companies can scale and expand globally through their technology and how to prepare for the future of work. 

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Podcast #13

Featuring Amber Mac, President, AmberMac Media, Inc. Amber and Cheryl discuss technology trends, digital transformation, innovation and the future of work.  

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Podcast #12

Featuring Matt Barrie, CEO of & Matt and Cheryl discuss the future of work, future of jobs and Freelancer – the worlds largest freelancing marketplace, connecting over 30 million professionals around the globe.  

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Podcast #11

In this episode of Radically Agile, Catalant’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing Rich Gardner sits down with Future of Work Expert & Founder of NextMapping Cheryl Cran. Rich and Cheryl discuss the definition of agile, change leadership, and innovation culture. Cheryl offers insight into what’s required of leaders in the radically agile world, including, most important, a flexible mindset. Tune in to hear examples of how leaders can help their organizations change as well as practical tips and next steps for building future-ready teams.

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Podcast #10

Featuring Dr. Thomas Ramsøy at Neurons, Inc. Cheryl interviews Dr. Thomas Ramsøy on brainwaves, people-data the future of work.   Download on iTunes

Podcast #9

Featuring Liz O’Connor, Associate Principal for Daggerwing Group

Cheryl interviews Liz O’Connor on leading the Workplace by Facebook implementation, change leadership, change management, employee engagement and collaboration

Podcast #8

Cheryl Cran is interviewed by Michael Alf for his Disciplined Disruption Podcast on Future of Work and how workers can create their own future.

Podcast #7

Featuring Hamoon Ekhtiari, CEO of Audacious Futures Cheryl Cran interviews Audacious Futures CEO Hamoon Ekhtiari about the future of work and why collaboration is the future.

Audacious futures helps partners and clients rise to the challenge of how to radically rethink and reimagine how to build the future in life, organizations and society.

Podcast #6

Featuring Jim Somers, VP of Marketing at LogMeIn

Listen to the future of collaboration interview with Jim Somers, VP of Marketing for the Communications and Collaboration business unit at LogMeIn Download on iTunes

Podcast #5

Cheryl Cran is interviewed by Dr. Nancy McKay on the exponential change happening in the future of work. Download on iTunes

Podcast #4

Featuring Chris Barbin, CEO of Appirio

Cheryl Cran interviews Chris on the future of work and the impact of cloud computing. He shares valuable insights on the future of cloud and its impact on the future of work. Download on iTunes

Podcast #3

Featuring Sebastian Siseles, Director of Freelancer

Cheryl Cran interviews Sebastian about the impact of freelancers on business. He shares how businesses today need to be able to leverage a workplace that includes full time, part time and freelance employees. Download on iTunes

Podcast #2

Featuring Shoshana Deutschkron, VP of Communications & Brand for UpWork

Cheryl Cran interviews Shoshana about remote teams – how to successfully engage and lead the future of work reality of increasing remote teams. Download on iTunes

Podcast #1

Featuring CEO of UpWork, Stephane Kasriel

Cheryl Cran interviews Stephane about what he sees for the future of work and why companies need to be leveraging the disruption of the ‘entrepreneur economy’. Download on iTunes