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One of The Trends For Future of Work 2020

November 14, 2019

Recently we released our updated report on Top 20 Trends for Future of Work 2020. This article focuses on one of the trends for the future of work 2020.

One of the trends that we researched includes the focus on digital transformation through the lens of ‘people first’.

Many leaders we have surveyed have stated that they are focused on digital transformation for 2020 and specifically digital integration.

Currently, the average company has over 900 applications available in the business with only 26% of those applications integrated within a single platform. The big opportunity for businesses is to minimize siloes by integrating technology across the enterprise.

Interestingly digital integration is linked to employee happiness – the more that an employee has to move between applications the greater his or her frustration. Companies that have seamless digital integration are able to increase both customer happiness and employee happiness.

Brands such as Uber and Amazon are great examples of companies that are digitally mature – in other words, there is seamless technology integration.

2020 is the year for organizations to focus on building digital strategies that are based on ‘people first’. This means crowdsourcing, interviewing, polling and having conversations with the stakeholders. Many digital transformation efforts have been thwarted because the technology was thrown at the business prior to investigating how it would ultimately impact both the customer and employee experience.

Some questions to ask about your digital transformation goals include:

  1. What is working with our digital journey?
  2. What is NOT working on our digital journey?
  3. Have we mined the data from our customers on what they want?
  4. Have we mined the data on what our employees want with our digital transformation?
  5. How can we leverage technology solutions used by Uber or Amazon to deliver added value to our customers and employees?
  6. Are we guilty of hanging on to legacy systems? Why?
  7. Do we have a ‘change leadership’ plan that runs side by side with our digital transformation plan?

There is no question that the fear of rising costs prevents companies from giving up on digital solutions that just aren’t working. The truth is that the costs rise when companies do not invest in a ‘people first’ approach to digital transformation.

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