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Praise for ‘The Future of Work!’ Cheryl Cran Ranks #1 Influencer

March 1, 2017

Vancouver, BC — 02/13/2017 — Cheryl Cran Celebrates Being Ranked #1 Influencer on The Future of Work by Acclaimed Influencer Tracking Software Onalytica

Organizations of all kinds are having their eyes opened to the fact that “old school” leadership methods don’t produce the results they need to perform optimally any longer.  And this trend is not going to reverse.  Influencer tracking leader Onalytica recently pointed to Cheryl Cran as the #1 influencer on the Future of Work, vital information for companies who wish to stay ahead of the curve.

It’s hardly a secret that the face of business and the challenges faced by its leaders has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace.  The right training in this area can very much be the difference between business’s performing optimally and facing great challenges.  In exciting news in this area Future of Work and Change leadership expert Cheryl Cran has been named by a well-respected third party Influencer Relationship Management software company as being the #1 influencer in the all-important “Future of Work” category, where she spends much of her energy and effort training business leaders in being well prepared for today and tomorrow’s business leadership realities. Along with how they can use them to their own and their organization’s best advantage.  In the Onalytica software research, Cran ranked ahead of 99 other highly respected names in the field.

“The Future of Work requires action now,” commented Cran in a recent interview.  “Leaders and teams need to be building the systems and structures that will meet the new workforce today.  Future of work includes a shared leadership approach within companies, everyone will be a leader and will require fundamental leadership skills.  A change in leadership approach is needed now to make plans towards preparing people for a new way to work, a new way to innovate and collaborate. Robotics, remote workers, data driven systems, working together with constantly evolving and new teams will all be the future reality.  We need to develop flexibility, adaptability and innovation skills for the future of work.”

Cran’s message is certainly reaching a wider and wider audience as the word of her message and methods transforming organizations for the better spreads organically.  With her work having revolutionized businesses in hundreds of industries, there’s hardly an area she hasn’t had direct experience in since dedicating herself to opening eyes and minds to the realities of the Future of Work.

Since 2009 Onalytica have been leaders in providing accurate and actionable information on Influencer Management Relationship results using their very highly regarded Influencer Management Relationship software.  The company is trusted and used by some of the biggest name businesses in the world, including Microsoft, IBM, Sony and BMA, to name just a few.

Some highlights of Cran’s keynotes, consulting work, and coaching ideas on key Future of Work topics can be seen at her site  Leaders and organizations interested in participating in her personally designed and developed Future of Work online leadership training and coaching programs are invited to come on board at  A free trial is offered and the end result can certainly transform individuals and organizations in the most dramatic of ways.

The response to her work in both spaces has been remarkably passionate.

J Chapman, CMP of Human Resources Institute of Alberta, recently said in a five star review, “Cheryl Cran’s keynote “The Future of Work – Are You Ready” aligned perfectly with the HRIA Conference theme ‘Navigating Booms and Busts’.  Cheryl took the time to truly get to know our attendees before delivering this highly customized closing keynote. Cheryl’s pre-conference survey and her arrival the morning of the session to view the presentations of the day to weave their content into her closing comments was outstanding. Cheryl’s use of research, solid tools to help us with the ‘how’ and fun interactive style was a hit with our discerning audience. She engaged the group through text questions and our Twitter hashtag was trending during and after her session. Cheryl is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
For more information be sure to visit and

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