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Defining “Hard Work” In The Hybrid Workplace

May 11, 2022

There is no question that the new workplace dynamics has created challenges including defining hard work in the hybrid workplace.

Here at NextMapping we consider crowdsourcing a key element of customizing customer solutions.

In a recent survey for a client in the health industry we asked, “what are your current challenges’ and one of the most common responses was employees judging each other on how hard each of them was working. There is an opportunity in defining “hard work” in the hybrid workplace.

We are also hearing anecdotally from our clients that there is a rise in worker dissatisfaction as each worker views how ‘hard’ workers are working in comparison to their own work load.

Check out the podcast audio episode or watch the video below, where I talk more about the ‘hard work’ bias and how we need to check our assumptions and our biases.

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