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The #1 Secret to Leadership Development Program Success

August 22, 2016

CEO’s and leaders want to know the number one secret to a leadership development programs success.

A  recent McKinsey report states that in the US $14 billion is spent on leadership programs annually.

30% of US companies admit that fail to succeed at international opportunities because they have not developed their leaders with the right capabilities.

If you Google ‘leadership development programs’ there are over 11 million results.

With the abundance of leadership training programs available how does a CEO and the leadership development team know whether the programs that are selected will stick?

The #1 secret to ensuring that a leadership development program will succeed in creating ‘masterful’ leaders is ……. coach support for situational application.

When a coach approach is used in conjunction with a leadership development program the retention of knowledge goes up AND the ability to put what is learned into immediate action increases.

Coaching can be done in either a one coach to one participant ratio or it can be done in a group coaching format. The focus of the coaching is to help the participant apply what is being learned directly to ‘on the job’ realities.

The millennials in the workplace are looking to be given leadership development opportunities and they are looking for support to ensure they are being coached and mentored in their leadership abilities.

Organizations are faced with managing change at a faster rate than ever before and the fast pace of change requires agile and future ready leaders.

Leadership development programs need to be a combination of online, video, case studies and coaching.

We launched this year and have had a number of companies put their leaders and there entire employees through our online video training’s with coach support.

The overall feedback we are receiving is that the coaching is what makes our leadership development program ‘stick’ and helps to make a major impact on the culture of the company as leaders learn to master leadership skills.

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