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3 Ways to Bring More Energy to Your Role As A Leader

February 20, 2013

I attended an intensive week long retreat in January with Dr Donald Epstein. Dr. Epstein is a revolutionary leader in the world of wellness, human performance and consciousness. His work has influenced politicians, world leaders and more.

A week was a long time to invest but I felt that this was an important investment as I continue to grow and bring value to my clients. There were many concepts and application of concepts that I learned at the retreat but one of the concepts that really resonated was the whole discussion around energy.

Dr. Epstein has a new book coming out soon that will provide specifics of his concepts, in this article I want to share my interpretation in my own words as it applies to leadership. So here are the three ways that I came up with for bringing more energy to your role as a leader:

#1- Work with your core nature– many of us fight our core nature and we try to be something different than who we are innately wired to be. For those that bravely attune to their core nature they find that success comes more easily as their efforts are aligned with the core self. What if you don’t know your core nature? Do the work to find this out by doing in depth personality assessments, working with a coach or attending an event that focuses on finding your mission or vision. When we are aligned with our core nature we have our highest levels of energy available. Think about a time when time flew by, success was easier and you were energized. Now think about why you felt this way, it is likely because you were involved in an activity that was in alignment with your core nature. If you hate being a leader and you see people as a pain it’s a guess that you aren’t bringing much energy to your role as a leader.And it may be that being a leader is not in alignment with your core self.


#2- Stay focused on a vision so big that it requires consistent commitment- the leaders that have extremely high levels of energy are on a mission! They are working for a cause and they want to make an impact bigger than themselves. Oprah is a great example, she has had a vision from a very young age that she wanted to make a big impact on the planet. She wanted to help others through her experiences. Oprah doesn’t wake up each day to be “Oprah” she wakes up to answer the question, “what difference can I make today?” Notice that when you do focus on a big vision your energy naturally goes up. I know for me making the shift from “I have to do this its my job” in the past to a new mindset of, “I am on a mission to help over one million leaders become integrated and to achieve monumental results” keeps me fired up and focused with high energy.


#3- Focus on The Impact- when we focus on the impact we can make and are making in our roles as leaders we can restore our energy. I view leadership as a constant act of reconnecting and recommitting to our promise of being the best leader we can be. When I consult with and coach CEO’s of different industries there is a common theme and pattern of frustration and challenge among them. What is it? It is that they have forgotten what they signed up for, they have lost the energy for the promise they made and they needed help to reconnect and recommit to their vision, their core nature and their contributions. Here’s what I do know, every leader and I mean every leader starts out wanting to make a big impact, to help people grow, to grow the company and to do good. Where leaders get defeated is when they allow their energy to become depleted by the challenges and they lose their commitment. Notice that when we focus on making an impact our resolve deepens, our desire to be good and do good strengthens.

It is my commitment to bring the highest level of energy that I am capable of to my interactions with clients, colleagues, suppliers, family and more. When I lose my way it is because I need to review the three ways to bring more energy!

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