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5 Companies Modeling Future of Work

May 23, 2017

Recently I researched and created an infographic on 5 companies modeling future of work.

In my presentations I often provide case examples to provide context for the many future of work changes happening in business.

In this infographic the companies I chose to profile include Zappos, Whole Foods, Facebook, Oracle, and Amazon.

Lets start with Zappos and CEO Tony Hsieh – he embodies future of work in his own personal leadership style as well as how he has shaped Zappos. Tony is open to all ideas that will help people grow, learn and be happy at work. He is one of the early adopters of Holocracy (a structured way of teams to work versus hierarchy). He also was a pioneer in having team members ‘fire themselves’ if they did not fit into the culture of Zappos. Tony is a future visionary who has fearlessly led Zappos to be future ready now.

Next lets talk about John Mackey and Whole Foods – he is known as the conscious capitalist and is radical in his ideas about health care for employees, sees the future of employees as entrepreneurs and the company operations on the ‘declaration of interdependence’ an idea ahead of its time as it models a future of work strategy of ‘shared leadership’.

Then there is Facebook and the COO Sheryl Sandberg – in addition to her role at Facebook she has impacted women in the workplace with her first book Lean In and recently her newest book Option B talks about the mistake she made when writing Lean In – she overlooked the stress of single mothers. Facebook is a leader of future of work initiatives with flex time, paid sabbaticals and more. As a tech firm Facebook has been a leader of how to operate a ‘future of work’ company.

Oracle is one of the few companies that has had 2 CEO’s – this is a progressive way to lead a company. Safra Catz and Mark Hurd share the role of CEO and this is a future of work trend. We will see more companies with senior leaders ‘job sharing’ and modeling ‘shared leadership’.

Moving on to Amazon and Jeff Bezos – obviously driving change in many ways through drone technology, automated stores and so much more. Amazon models progressive ways to deliver on customer experience. As a tech firm they model focusing on customer and employee experience to drive strategy and innovation.

These are just 5 examples of companies and the leaders who are modeling future of work vision, strategies and solutions. Download your infographic that encapsulates the approaches of each of the companies and leaders in the post.

Who would you add to this list and why?

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