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Amidst The Coronavirus – How Are You Feeling About The Future?

April 13, 2020

We posted a survey question to the public asking – “amidst the coronavirus how are you feeling about the future?

The data is still coming in and once you complete the survey you will see the results. Below we are sharing the preliminary responses.

The questions we asked included:

Are you feeling optimistic about the future?

75% said ‘yes’ with 5% of responders said ‘no’ and 20% responded with ‘ I have my moments’.

Then we asked, “Do you trust you have what it takes to navigate this time?”

90% of respondents said ‘yes’ and 10% said ‘no’.

We asked a multiple choices question “What helps you to stay optimistic about the future?”

30% of respondents said, “knowing that others are going through the same thing at the same time”.

30% of respondents said, “watching and reading inspirational information”.

40% of respondents said, “talking to people who inspire me”.

We then asked, “Do you trust that even though the coronavirus is causing massive disruption that there will be good that comes of this time?”

90% of respondents said ‘yes’

10% of respondents said ‘no’.

Our next question, “What is the most challenging aspect of the current social distancing and social isolation situation?”

Responses received in order of the highest number of similar responses included:

  • Missing personal contact with loved ones
  • Missing interpersonal connection with co-workers in person
  • Receiving IT support and resources
  • Feeling isolated and alone
  • Fear of contracting the virus
  • All of the change it is creating
  • Feeling sad and depressed

The final question of the survey, “What are you doing on a daily basis to stay optimistic? ”

Responses received in order of the highest number of similar responses:

  • Engaging with people virtually
  • Exercising
  • Keeping a routine
  • Limiting exposure to ‘onslaught’ of negative news
  • Meditation
  • Looking for inspiring stories, funny stories, and uplifting stories

The coronavirus pandemic is definitely speeding up the future of work.

What I have found in my discussions with clients and colleagues is that most people are ‘waiting it out’. This means they are not panicking due to the reality that everyone is affected by the massive disruption.

When I have anecdotally asked what people are spending time on – I have had business owners say that they are working to keep their employee’s taken care of. I have had workers say that they are using the time to learn more about aspects of their work such as increased digital literacy.

Other people have said they are pacing themselves and being very gentle by taking time to just focus on themselves, play with their kids or make healthy food.

Last week I posted a video about optimism being about ‘trust’. In the video I talk about how trusting ourselves means we trust the future.

I hope you take the time to add your input to the above survey and that you are doing well throughout these unprecedented times.

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