NextMapping for Entrepreneurs

We are firmly in the gig economy.

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are the future of work. Research shows that by the year 2025 freelancers and contract workers will make up a good portion of the workforce. Upwork found that 47% of those aged 18-21 freelanced in the last year. The data is showing that with each new generation more people are choosing to be their own boss and will speed up progress and success with the right professional coaching.

Whether you are already a successful entrepreneur or looking to go out on your own Cheryl Cran and her team offers business coach strategies to help you succeed.

If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”

Elon Musk

Live Events

We hold annual live events for entrepreneurs where we delve into the key areas to future proof your business. This includes technology and business hacks to simplify and ease growth of business. Guest experts include CIO’s, behavioral scientists, data scientists, psychology of success experts and more.

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NextMap your business for exponential growth

Every person who has achieved greatness has done it with help. Great entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, Elon Musk, and Lori Greiner have all had leadership coaching and/or a business coach to provide insights, perspectives and context. Our NextMapping™ for entrepreneurs coaching is personalized to your unique needs. Through questionnaires and assessments we create a custom ‘Nextmap’ for you and your business. We offer 6 months or 12 months business coach packages.

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Annual NextMapping™ for entrepreneurs event

Once a year we gather with like-minded entrepreneurs in a retreat setting to focus on mapping out what’s next for you as an entrepreneur and what’s next for your business. In this 2-day entrepreneur development event you will hear from futurists, strategists, tech wizards, leaders in the field of evolutionary thought and expert business coaches. You will leave this retreat with your own ‘map’ of actions, plans and big audacious goals to help you do better than predict your bold future…. You will map it.

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12 month extraordinary growth mentorship program

Join our founder, Cheryl Cran via live stream once a month for 12 months and access content through video programs, professional business coaching, templates, tools and free resources. You will find new ways to grow your business by linking to a newly clarified bold vision of passionate purpose. You will connect with other entrepreneurs like you who will share their success secrets and lessons learned.

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