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CEO Survey Shows Technology Adaptation Is Key to Future Success

May 20, 2012

A recent survey by IBM titled Leading Through Connections indicates that CEO’s surveyed are focused on future and how technology is impacting the future of business.

71% Believe technology will have the most impact on the company’s future

67% Plan to establish more external partnerships

65% Chose ethics and values as a major factor in getting best work from employees

52% Plan to use technology to encourage more teamwork

35% Chose work-life balance as a factor in getting best performance

These survey results confirm the work I am doing with CEO’s on how to lead change in a fast paced and technological workplace. The biggest opportunities for CEO’s and leaders are to look at how to gain competitive advantage through technology adaptation.

This means working to upgrade and invest in main streaming the technological knowledge and use to increase productivity and performance of their team members. CEO’s themselves are investing more personal time to deepen their learning of the technologies being used by their teams within the organization.

In regards to using technology to increase teamwork there are so many internal tools as well as apps that can be used to increase collaboration and information sharing. The key is to communicate, share and coach everyone to use the tools, measure the success and reward the results

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