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Future of Work Will Be All “Games” and No Work

May 2, 2016

Can you envision a future of work where it will be all games and no work?

Imagine that you get a text as soon as you get to work that says, “get ready to play” and that you are given the option of either using your personal device or to put on your augmented reality glasses to play. Once you choose your interaction you are given three minutes to play a scenario with a customer and if you play it right you are given rewards stars towards prize redemption at the end of the week?

The next day you come in to work and you are given another game opportunity to play with your team members and together you solve a major issue within the team through the game. The reward? A team game celebration. Sound far off?

Well not really, according to and research by

By the end of 2015, 40% of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations.

Why? Because:

70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement

Technologies like virtual reality, multi-user environments, and real-time game play have been used by gamers, but will be used by organizations to build a more collaborative workforce tomorrow.

Who are the companies leading change towards the future of work with gamification right now?

Cisco used gamification to increase uptake of social media within the organization.

Results: Since gamifying its social media training program, more than 650 Cisco employees have been certified with over 13,000 courses taken.

Deloitte used gamification to increase the leadership capacity of its senior executives.

Results: The average time to complete the training curriculum dropped by 50 percent, and the program has seen a 46.6 percent increase in the number of users that return to the site daily.

The future of work will get lots of work done – it will be done through games! I say sign me up.

PS: We will be adding a gamification feature to our online leadership training portal so stay tuned.

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