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How AI Is Creating a New Way to Work

April 11, 2019

Have you wondered if AI is coming for your job? What if I told you that AI is creating a NEW way to work?

According to HBR report (August 2018) the truth is that AI is reshaping the future of work and how work will get done.

The fusion of human and AI is creating a new collaborative intelligence.

Successful companies are NOT replacing humans with AI rather they are leveraging AI to HELP people do their jobs easier and better.

It is fear that is creating this meme of AI taking jobs.

The truth is that AI is forcing change and CHANGE is what people are afraid of.

Rather than be afraid of AI, there is an opportunity to look at this big change with a new perspective.

Let’s be real – do you find repetitive tasks in your job as joyful and fulfilling?

Of course not!

With AI taking over repetitive tasks and administrative tasks it allows us to ask some deeper questions such as:

  1. What really makes me feel like I am contributing value at work?
  2. Which parts of my job/work feed my soul?
  3. How would I do my job differently if I could do more meaningful work?

So if you think about it AI is creating a renaissance!

Here are a few ways that AI is creating a new way to work.

  • Organizations are leveraging strategy by looking at the right work to be done by AI, robots and automation.
  • Leaders are recognizing that work that is mindless and repetitive is not rewarding for people.
  • The increase of AI in the workplace is allowing people to look at work in a new way.
  • AI is freeing up time for workers to focus on work that feeds the soul or that is more inspiring.

The rapid increase in technological innovation requires all of us to change quickly. The changes we are being asked to make include shifting our mindsets from fear to abundance.

We are also being asked to look at the opportunities of big changes such as AI and to increase our personal agility and flexibility.

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