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Technology New Currency in the Workplace

November 20, 2011

A new survey by Cisco reveals some interesting statistics about the next generation of workers and how they place greater value on technology and remote working environments. Generation Y is heavily influencing ALL of the demographics on what is considered high value in the workplace today.

Here are some of the finding from their survey of over 3000 college students and young professionals:

2 out of 3 college students will ask about the company’s social media policy 56% will not accept a job where the company bans social media or they will circumvent it

1 out of 3 prioritize social media, mobility and device flexibility over salary

1 out of 3 believe their knowledge of devices and social media is what got them hired

4 out of 5 college students want to choose their device to be used in the workplace 68% of college students and 71% of employees believe their devices should be authorized for personal use and social media

1 out of 2 college students said they would rather lose their wallet than their device

7 out of 10 college students believe it is unnecessary to be tied to an office

In 2010 60% of ALL workers felt it was unnecessary to work solely from the office The new workplace is definitely about technology, knowledge of technology, and adaptation to technology.

To find out more information check out the Cisco report.

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