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The Language of an Evolutionary Leader

August 28, 2014

wp-post-imageassets-09The Ages of Humanity have moved across the spectrum to where we are now which is the age of conscious evolution. What does this mean?

It means that we now ‘choose to evolve’ in a way that supports humanity and moves the planet towards greater access for all to abundance, peace and a joyful life.

This evolution requires a shift in the way we use language and especially those of us in leadership roles.

The leadership evolution has moved from authoritarian and autocratic toward inclusive and collaborative. The language that is associated with autocratic leadership typically includes a lot use of the words ‘I’ and “you” and “targets” and “ROI” etc.

These words are part of the business lexicon and when used effectively are still appropriate.

The opportunity for leaders (everyone is a leader) now is to ‘consciously evolve’ language to create the relationships and the results that we are ultimately seeking to establish.

So what would be the language that an ‘evolutionary leader’ would use?

Firstly the lens or the focus of what we want to create is the starting point- if what we want to create is an ultimate customer experience or if what we want to create is a great place to work then this ‘mission’ is what shapes our language to support what we want.

Too often leaders will minimize the impact of a mission or a vision by using language that does not inspire or does not empower others to participate at the level we want.

The vocabulary of an evolutionary leader who is consciously evolving includes words, questions and phrases as follows:

“We are on a mission, to create the BEST customer experience possible- how can we do that with your help? ”

“Your performance has resulted in great outcomes AND what would  inspire you to your next milestone achievement? ”

“What is your personal mission? What are you here for? What do you want to be remembered for? ”

“What can we creatively do to maximize our return on investment ?”

“We have three targets in mind- before we talk about them what really jazzes you about this product and service that wants you to share it with the world?”

The language of the evolutionary leader is future focused and leverages the energy of what is to be created.

An evolutionary leader has the ability to tune in to each individual and identify the’ direction’ the way that he or she will best respond to the message.

Stay tuned in the next few months I am going to share the ‘how’ to do this in an evolutionary new way. Until then….stay focused on consciously choosing to evolve your language.



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