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The NEW & Untapped Secret of Leadership Development

December 8, 2015

There is a new & untapped secret of leadership development.

Leadership development is a broad and expansive topic. Just enter the words into Google and you will get 94,400,000 results.

My research into the future of work and change leadership  with hundreds of clients reveals that there are ‘new’ skills needed to navigate the future of work.

The focus on leadership development has been on skills such as communication, conflict management, team work and these are very important elements of being a great leader AND there is a skill that goes beyond baseline leadership development.

That skill is…..wait for it…….the ability to harness ‘energy’ and to expand to multiple intelligence’s – there has been a lot of focus on IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) AND there are intelligence’s that include generations intelligence, cultural intelligence, and energetic intelligence.

What does this mean for leadership development? It means that you as a leader have the opportunity to continue to go from good to fantastic and to be a leader that people line up to work with and for. In my collaboration with Dr. Donald Epstein we have created leadership programs that are truly (r) evolutionary in that they bring the ‘laws of the universe’ into the workplace.

Think about it – when birds fly in formation they innately know to lead and then to ‘rest’ and then someone else leads – nature actually demonstrates the efficient use of ‘energy’ and there are a lot of things we can apply to how we interact with each other in business.

The future of work is about bringing leadership skills development that helps leaders to understand the power of energetic intelligence and the programs that we have created are unlike any other leadership development programs currently available.

What results could you achieve if you could create more engagement, more team synergy and more joy in your work?

What if you could shift away from being tired or feeling like a glorified babysitter to being full of energy, being creative and feeling energized about ‘sharing’ with others on your team?

The leadership development necessary to get to that place is new and enhances all of the foundational leadership skill development.

We are launching a new online leadership development portal in 2016 it will have both self directed learning AND coach supported skill development – the programs are new and unique and they are on an evolutionary scale from foundational skills all the way to the energetics intelligence I mention in this post. You can be part of the VIP launch where we are offering introductory pricing just go to and you can be the first to access the NEW and untapped secret of leadership development.

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