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Want To Be An Inspirational Change Leader – Don’t Lead Like Trump

April 7, 2016

Boasting, bragging, pontificating, narcissistic, and non inclusive – this is a list of what NOT to be as a leader.

We are being given a great gift right now of being able to see through media the behaviors of leaders in a race – a race for one of the most important jobs in the world and we are being shown what NOT to do as a leader.

What Trump is teaching us is actually something that needs to be shown in its most exaggerated form so that we can truly see the spectrum of leadership.

Here are the Dont’s of leading like Trump and the Do’s of being an inspirational change leader:

Don’t bully – I hear that many people find Trump refreshing and that he is not politically correct and that’s why they love him and I can actually see that perspective. However the moment we think its okay or even cool to denigrate others based on gender, appearance, culture or any other polarizing item we are creating ‘separation’. Anything that creates divisiveness or fear is destructive and does not build towards a positive future.

Do be a straight shooter that is solution focused – an inspirational change leader tells the truth, does not rely on political rhetoric and discusses challenging issues in a way that invites creativity, varied opinions and is focused on providing real solutions for peoples challenges or issues.

Don’t brag about ‘why’ you would be better than anyone before you – the game is always the same – to insinuate that as a single person Trump could achieve all of the things that previous leaders could not is just plain arrogant. Every leader builds upon what the leader before built.

Do value the past and the evolutionary process towards lasting change – the evolutionary and inspirational change leader values the past and what has been created. He or she sees his or her role as expanding on what worked and finding creative solutions for those issues that have not yet been ideally solved. They don’t view themselves as ‘better’ rather they see themselves as ‘taking the baton’ and moving things forward.

Don’t focus on appearances – its a known fact that Trump values beauty – AND to focus on that whenever he interacts with women is just plain insulting. People are multi faceted and they are unique and it is that diversity that makes being human so spectacular. To focus on one aspect of what makes up a person is disrespectful.

Do focus on multiple aspects of people including what can’t be seen – an inspirational change leader knows that people have multiple perspectives, multiple opinions on diverse topics, multiple interests, multiple viewpoints and places major value on the diversity of people. An inspirational evolutionary change leader goes way deeper and knows that people consist of that which cannot be seen which is that each person is an ‘energy’ and that each energy is beautiful, unique and to be respected.

Want to be an inspirational change leader focused on evolutionary leadership that is the key to be future of work ready?

Don’t lead like Trump.

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