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3 Lessons Learned from Deepak Chopra on Leadership

September 20, 2011

3 Lessons Learned from Deepak Chopra on Leadership

As a leadership expert I make a point of reading and absorbing what other thought leaders on leadership have to say. Recently I read Deepak Chopra’s book “Soul of Leadership” but I also had the opportunity to attend his well known event, “SynchroDestiny”. It was amazing to be able to spend five days in Carlsbad, CA to contemplate, meditate and learn. In addition to Davidji, Don Miguel Ruiz and others Deepak provided insight and tools on how to manage in these times of change and uncertainty.

In Deepak’s sessions he talked about the laws of success and the need for each of us to look within for our answers but also to look to our ‘heroes’ to model our behaviors. This specific point really resonated with me because I think that often we just go through our daily lives in our work and at home on autopilot and we don’t see ourselves as heroes or heroines in the world. Deepak doesn’t suggest this as something you do in arrogance or as escapism but in order to live your best life possible.

He says to imagine and invoke modern day archetypes as well as mythical ones into who you are and by doing so you add magic, mystery and meaning into your days.

Here are the 3 other lessons I learned from being at the SynchroDestiny event and listening to Deepak Chopra.


Lesson #1- Start to really rely on your inner wisdom, your inner strength and inner ability to creatively solve any situation you may find yourself in. By using comptemplation you can learn to listen to the inner voice and make higher consciousness choices. As leaders our ability to positively influence others is highly reliant on our ability to manage ourselves in a way that is highly inspiring and motivating to those we connect with on a daily basis.

Lesson #2- Karma is really the law of cause and effect and as leaders we need to be practicing ‘good karma’. I have believed in this concept for years but it was only just recently that I realized I wasn’t ‘being present’ as much as I could be in order to make better choices and choices that create good karma. Good karma for a leader can come back in many ways but one of the most rewarding is when someone we have influenced goes on to reach higher pinnacles of success and we were a part of that for them. Deepak says that bad karma isn’t punishment- it’s simply an effect that we caused by past behaviors. We live in a balanced universe.

Lesson #3- Science is now finding that what Deepak Chopra has been saying about the power of our ‘other self’ the non- physical self can be measured. Deepak’s questions about ‘who is the thinker?’ and ‘who is influencing the study results?’ has indeed been proven that there is an untouchable ‘us’ that is very much real though unseen. As a leader we can lead through major change, major turbulence and chaos when we acknowledge that we are all more than our human selves. When we strive to be the highest ideal version of ourselves then we can truly transform the world. When we interact with our teams, our bosses our friends and family practice seeing their ‘best’ self and interact with everyone at that level.

Pretty heady stuff I know! You should have been there! My head was spinning with the fullness of what Deepak’s teachings really are. I am excited for our future because although the world will continue to be turbulent, restless and uncertain if the majority of us can lead with heart and head and a focus on ‘good for all’ we can create a new way of leading, working and being that will be unlike anything we have experienced before.

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