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4 Questions A Future Ready Leader Needs to Ask Every Day

July 23, 2018

As a leader there are multiple focuses going on in any given day – often the focus is on dealing with what is right in front or in putting out fires.

There are some success strategies that future ready leaders use to stay on top of the multiple ‘lanes’ of being a leader and one major success strategy is to start each day with these 4 questions:

      1. What is my main success indicator for today and what will I do to ensure I achieve it?

Many leaders view success as major wins big contracts, big collaborations or recognition for a job well done. However a key       success factor for leaders is helping their teams win big contracts, helping their teams collaborate more effectively and helping their teams earn the recognition they deserve. Your answer to this questions shows your priorities and the impact you hope to make in the day.

  2. What is my long game? What is my biggest hope and focus for my team in the next year, 18 months and 24 months? 

This is where future ready leaders focus on getting results in the now while keeping an eye on the future. If as a leader you are not inspiring your self with a future goal you are not inspiring your teams to go with you.

3. What is the highest payback coaching investment I can make with my team right now? 

Great leaders are thinking about how he or she can leverage the talent of their team members ALL the time. Right now evaluate your team and where could you really invest time, resources and coaching with each of your team members that would allow them to up their game in major ways?

      4. What am I doing today to keep a ‘fire in my belly’ ? 

As leaders we cycle in and out of motivation just like anybody else AND the leaders with the highest levels of stamina and energy tend to have the greater inspiration and motivation to stay the course through challenges and wins. What are your stay ‘woke’ strategies? Do you meditate? Do you exercise? Do you listen to inspirational podcasts? Do you have a peer or mentor who pep talks you? You are responsible for your energy state and as leaders we must be modelling that fire in the belly every single day. 

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